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AL All-Star Ballot Update

Major League Baseball All-Star Game 2016 PROcarlbaker89512 - Via Flickr

MLB All-Star Update

With only 8 days left in the all-star voting period, the race to the final starting positions is nearing its end.

The final outfield position is heating up.

Mookie Betts has just moved into third place with 1,435,218 votes. In the final week of voting it is common for the volume of votes to spike. In just this past week Betts has received 365,306 votes. Moving Lorenzo Cain into 4th place behind Orioles outfielder Mark Trumbo. Jackie Bradley Jr. and Mike Trout continue to hold their lead for the other two outfield slots.

At third base Manny Machado is holding his spot, but Josh Donaldson is hot on his tail trailing by 513,321 votes and with 8 days remaining anything can happen.

David Ortiz is holding on to the top spot at DH and should win easily. Ortiz has a whopping 2,612,215 votes, which is the second most votes in the American League. Only Salvador Perez has more votes in the American League vote.

At shortstop, Xander Bogaerts leads the vote with 2,116,020 votes. Jose Altuve holds the lead at second base with 1,606,705 votes with Robinson Cano not far behind. With a significant push Cano could overtake Altuve for the second base slot as Cano trails by 602,085 votes.

And rounding out the infield at the first base slot is being led handily by Eric Hosmer of the Kansas City Royals. Hosmer leads the pack with Miguel Cabrera behind him. As we come down the homestretch, that final slot in the outfield is up for grabs, but who will claim it?