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Alex Rodriguez, A-Lightning-Rod of Greatness and Controversy

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A-Rod bids farewell to baseball?

On Thursday Alex Rodriguez may have played his last game in Fenway Park.  He certainly appeared to be a player that was making a farewell as he took a tour during the afternoon of the Historic Green Monster; something he had never done before.  He signed autographs before the game and posed for a picture in front of the Green Monster with the number 13 beside him.  He even made promises to a Yankees fan that if he hit a home run, got two hits, or if the Yankees won, he would give the fan his bat.  The Yankees did go on to win the game 4-3, and the fan did get the bat, but A-Rod looked nothing like a guy who had hit 696 career Home Runs.  He went 0-4 but did manage to drive in a run in the 8th inning on a swinging bunt with bases loaded.

A-Rod is a player that has been surrounded by controversy throughout his career.  People often questioned his sincerity when he offered apologies for his PED suspension, and many have hated the amount of money that A-Rod was being paid.  Now with his last game set to take place on Friday at Yankee Stadium and with a pregame ceremony honoring Rodriguez, many are now questioning if he is really done playing baseball.

One team that many are saying is a potential suitor is his hometown Miami Marlins.  The Marlins have discussed adding Rodriguez to their roster in an attempt to make a playoff push through the end of the season.  If they were to do that they would get him at a pro-rated portion of the minimum, approximately $75,000.  A-Rod has made it clear that he still believes he can play baseball, and no one doubts that he loves to play the game.  The question is will any teams be willing to add an aging, controversial player, with diminishing skills, with the hope that they can catch lightning in a bottle one last time.  When asked about this A-Rod said:


“I mean, anything past Friday we can talk about next week.  That’ll be a new set of questions, but right now, it’s really about Friday night.”


Many will judge Alex Rodriguez differently.  Some may put him in the ranks as one of the greatest hitters of all time.  Some may call him a cheater, and some may think he lacks sincerity.  The bottom line is we know on Friday he will take the field for the last time as a Yankee.  The rest of the story I guess we will have to ask him next week.