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One of the most talked about topics in sports recently is the Philadelphia Eagles decision move up twice in the 2016 NFL Draft to select North Dakota State’s Carson Wentz after signing quarterback Sam Bradford to a two-year extension just weeks prior.

It’s not really surprising that they made the decision, as Bradford’s short term deal indicated they Philadelphia was not confident in his ability to be ‘their guy’ moving forward.

However, I don’t think many people, Bradford included, expected them to move up as far as they did to grab the quarterback of the future.

Many draft analysts had long-projected the team to take Memphis quarterback Paxton Lynch at their original draft spot, but they believed that Wentz was more likely to develop into the type of player you can build around.

The most offered question is whether or not the Eagles gave up too much for Wentz, but the answer is fairly simple. If Wentz becomes a quarterback that can play at a high level for the next decade, then there would be no price that is too high to pay. If he does not, it’s likely that newly appointed general manager Howie Roseman will be out of a job.

I believe that Carson Wentz will succeed in the league, and the reason is simple.

He has shown that he is willing to sit and learn, and that he has physical traits that mirror some of the most desirable that the league has seen.

Draft analyst Mike Mayock openly lauded the performance and character of Wentz, and said that he was the best overall player in the 2016 draft class.

It appears as though we will have to wait to see if Mayock was right, as the Eagles have expressed their desire to have Wentz sit for a year before being given the starting job.

When he is given the opportunity to play, Carson Wentz will struggle early on, as all young quarterbacks do, but you must hope that he shows signs of both physical and cerebral improvement.

The Eagles job now is to build up his protection and group of skill players, to place their soon-to-be franchise quarterback in the best possible position to limit those growing pains.

In his first full season, I predict that Wentz will throw nearly 20 interceptions with a similar amount of touchdown passes. He will have to learn from his mistakes, and not repeat them.

It will be exciting for Philadelphia fans to get a glimpse of the future in the upcoming training camps and preseason games, but for the best opportunity at success, it is probably best that they do not see Wentz until 2017.


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