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All Star Game Preview

Major League Baseball All-Star Game 2016 PROcarlbaker89512 - Via - Flickr

MLB All-Star Game

This year’s all-star game is shaping up to be a memorable one as David Ortiz makes the squad in his final year in the majors, Chris Sale starts for the AL making his fifth consecutive All-Star appearance and four Chicago Cubs infielders get the start in the first midsummer classic to take place in San Diego since 1992. The game starts tonight at 8:00 PM ET, 5:00 PM PST, 7:00 PM Ct.

American League Starting Lineup  

  1. 2B José Altuve
  2. CF Mike Trout
  3. 3B Manny Machado
  4. DH David Ortiz
  5. SS Xander Bogaerts
  6. 1B Eric Hosmer
  7. RF Mookie Betts
  8. C Salvador Pérez
  9. LF Jackie Bradley Jr.
  • SP Chris Sale

National League Starting Lineup

  1. 2B Ben Zobrist
  2. RF Bryce Harper
  3. 3B Kris Bryant
  4. DH Wil Myers
  5. C Buster Posey
  6. 1B Anthony Rizzo
  7. CF Marcell Ozuna
  8. LF Carlos  González
  9. SS Addison Russell
  • SP Johnny Cueto