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American League Trade Rumors

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American League Trade Rumors

With the MLB trade deadline coming up in a hurry, teams are trying to make high-impact moves, and they are trying to make them quickly. Some clubs are looking to deal some players and bring in some high-potential prospects, while others are trying to acquire a superstar or two to make a late postseason run.

One big blockbuster move that could take place soon is the dealing of Chris Archer by the Tampa Bay Rays. According to an executive of a team that was trying to get Archer, there is a seventy percent chance of the Dodgers acquiring Archer.

This would be a great fit for the Dodgers, as they are looking for another starting pitcher to compliment Clayton Kershaw. The reason that the Dodgers are such a likely landing spot for Archer is because Dodgers president Andrew Friedman and Rays president Matt Silverman are so close. Many experts are expecting to see Archer in Dodger blue by the deadline.

According to a rival executive, the Dodgers are looking to make a huge move, not make small trades. So even if they were unable to land Archer, we can expect to see some other All-Star taking the field at Dodger Stadium here in the next few days.

Another big name who could be on the move is the Brewers‘ catcher Jonathan Lucroy. The Indians are looking to land a solid-hitting catcher – as theirs are hitting at below .170. Lucroy would be a major offensive upgrade, and could potentially give the Indians the boost that they need come October.

One team that everyone is waiting to see if they will be buyers or sellers is the New York Yankees.  The Yankees have not been sellers since 1989 and with a bit of a disagreement between Owner Hal Steinbrenner and GM Brian Cashman, no one is sure what they will do.  If they do decide to sell they have an abundance of trade value that many teams will want.  The Yankees are reportedly in talks with the Washington Nationals to perhaps trade away Brett Gardner. Despite the Nationals snatching Ben Revere in the offseason, their center-fielders continue to come up short with an MLB-worst .274 OBP – while Brett Gardner sits at a .351 OBP. Him coming to D.C could really solidify an already-formidable lineup for the Nats.  Other players that the Yank’s could look to move are Carlos Beltran, Andrew Miller, and Aroldis Chapman. 

There are not a lot of things we ever know for certain when the MLB trade deadline comes around, but there is always one thing that seems to stay true every season: Baseball fans are going to be in for a whirlwind of trades between now and August 1st.