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Are the Cavaliers Done?

NBA Finals Game 2 Cleveland Cavaliers Papercutya / via Flickr


Are the Cavaliers done only two games into the NBA Finals? It sure does appear that way after two old fashioned beat downs handed out by the Western Conference Champion Warriors, taking the first two games by out scoring Cleveland by a combined score of 214-166.

Yes. The Cavaliers are done for this series. They are being out played by one of the best teams of all time and it is almost laughable that only a week ago the basketball world was wondering if this Warriors team was a fluke, after going down three games to one in the western conference finals.

Golden State has defended Cleveland incredibly well; the Cavs aren’t getting the open looks from deep that they were getting on almost every offensive possession while rolling through the Eastern conference playoffs. Their offense has thrived around driving and kicking out to open three point shooters. But the issue is Golden States defense of staying home and not over rotating to help the drive. The wing/corner defenders are not leaving the shooters on the wing (Kevin Love, JR Smith) and they are daring LeBron James to beat them with his jump shot by backing off into the lane and “packing it in”. This is essentially clogging any driving lanes for James to accomplish his goals.

The Cavaliers offensive woes start at the top and work their way down. Besides, James, nobody on this Cleveland team has shown up, especially Kyrie Irving. Irving has looked lost at points on offense and he is over matched on defense. The Cavs young point guard has routinely been dribbling the air out of the ball trying to get his shot which leads to a late shot clock heave at the rim, usually resulting in a miss. Golden State has taken away Cleveland’s offensive strength and first year Coach Tyronn Lue needs to come up with an answer or else his first Finals experience as a head coach will be a short one.

This is a Cleveland team that’s slogan for this season was “All in”. If they get swept out of the finals and lose for the second year in a row they may be all out of luck when it comes to resigning LeBron James who is a free agent at years end. The superstar is free to sign with any team he wants and if he feels that Cleveland has not done enough then maybe he will leave. At the very least there will be some changes made if this series continues to spiral downward for the Cavs.