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Are the Sonics Returning to Seattle?

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Are the Sonics Returning Home to Seattle

Son-ic- Slang Extremely exciting and fast-paced. This is the definition of Sonic according to

This is how fans of the Seattle SuperSonics remember their team, Fast paced, tough and high-flying. Get ready Seattle because the return of the Seattle Sonics is actually happening.

Well Maybe.

Breaking the news early this morning was Adam Joseph of when he tweeted the news that the NBA is committed to adding two new teams to the league with one being added as early as 2018-19.  He also stated that sources were saying the leading candidates for expansion were Seattle, Mexico City & Louisville. Also getting mentions for consideration were Vancouver and Las Vegas.  According to Joseph the only Hangup in Seattle hinges around their plans for an arena.

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver has hinted for some time now that he was exploring options for possible expansion opportunities. On January 14th Kevin Nesoga of reported that it was up to the city of Seattle to make this happen. In his article titled “Adam Silver Hints of Expansion” Nesoga stated that

“There is a lot happening behind closed doors and next week appears to be a very busy week here in town, but don’t expect a lot of public fanfare on this. This is going to be a deal that’s done in a back room, through lots of negotiations in the middle of the night and the team is magically going to appear. Okay, it won’t magically appear, but that’s what it is going to seem like.”


As long as the City of Seattle can work out an agreement on an Arena we should be seeing a return of NBA basketball to Seattle.

The city saw its team pack up and move prior to the 2008-09 season before landing in Oklahoma City.  The OKC Thunder still retain rights to the name “Sonics” but can share it with any team that came back to Seattle.

Seattle who was once a home for Sonic greats like Jack Sikma, Detlef Schrempf, Shawn Kemp, Xavier McDaniel, Nate McMillian, Tom Chambers, Dale Ellis and Gary Payton should be a home to a new group of players.

It’s up to you Seattle to make it happen.


Stay tuned for more news as @TSJ_Sports will continue to monitor the situation and report.
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