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Are the Tigers Firing Brad Ausmus?


The Detroit Tigers went out and to get 2 great players this off-season, hoping that Jordan Zimmermann and Justin Upton would help improve their record from last year.  So far Zimmermann has been great, Upton has under-performed and the Tigers are two games under .500.  What is the answer in Motown?

Apparently, the quick-fix choice is to scrap manager Brad Ausmus.  No one has really even looked at how mediocre the team has been so far this year in order to deserve their 14-16 record.  Let’s delve deep into some of the stats so far.

The Tigers have a lot of average things going on with their club right now in terms of hitting the ball.  Their team batting average is .257, good for tenth in the league, and they have scored a total of 131 runs, a little below league average.  The worst part about the Tigers start to the season is their pitching.  They have given up 10 more runs than they have had themselves this year and teams hit .276 against them, which is second worst next to the Brewers and they let teams smack them around at almost .300.

Since we have determined that their offense is average, let’s see who is contributing for them so far this season. Justin Upton and J.D. Martinez have hit a combined .233 this season with a total of 5 long balls and 21 RBI.  Nick Castellanos, a fellow Tiger, has more RBI and the same number of home runs himself this season.  Miguel Cabrera is not playing up to his capabilities as well, only posting a .291 average and 13 runs driven in.

Their individual stats for pitching are not a sight to see either.  Verlander is 2-3 with an ERA at 5.40, Anibal Sanchez has an ERA at almost 6.00 while winning 3 and losing 3, and Mike Pelfrey has yet to see the win column this year as hitters are torching him up at around the .350 clip.  The only savior for their starters this season has been Jordan Zimmermann.  The man didn’t give up a run in his first 4 starts and he is currently chillin at 5-1 with a 1.10 ERA.  Detroit’s bullpen hasn’t been very good either, so they aren’t getting much help in the late innings from them either.

Is all of this under-performing really Brad Ausmus’ fault?  No, not really.  He can only do so much as a coach to help guide his team to the promised land.  It is up to the players to play up to their full potential and to keep working on their game.

What IS the answer for the Detroit Tigers?

The answer for them is to wait.  Justin Verlander, J.D. Martinez, Justin Upton and Anibal Sanchez will not play this terrible the entire season and if the leader of their team, Miguel Cabrera, can spark a rally, we can see a good win streak coming up from this club in the near future.  They play the Nationals in their next series, so let’s see if they can turn things around.