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Atlanta Hawks are Stuck Between a Tank and a Hard Place

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The Atlanta Hawks are fourth in the East, and have a good young nucleus. But they should tank? That’s the tough question and the Hawks have to answer it. There is nothing worse than being in the middle class of the NBA. You don’t have chance to win but you also won’t be in the lottery of the draft. This is where the Hawks find themselves.

They’ve already traded Kyle Korver but have apparently taken Paul Millsap off the trade market. If you’re an Atlanta Hawks fan you have to be shaking your head. You already lost Al Horford for nothing to the Celtics and as a franchise you can’t let that happen to Millsap. If “Hotlanta” were serious about making a playoff push, trading Korver should’ve been the furthest thing from your mind. They traded him to Cleveland, a team you could very well play in the second round of they playoffs. Oh yeah, and you probably wouldn’t add a first round pick but that’s exactly what the Hawks did.  A very confusing move from a team stuck in a horrible position.  As a player it must be even more confusing and they have to start asking questions. Do you want us to win? Should we try and win? These kind of questions are now surrounding this franchise.

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They do have some great pieces to build around. They have the big man in Dwight Howard and a young talented point guard in Dennis Schroder. Athletic guards like Kent Bazemore, Taurean Prince and Tim Hardaway Jr. round out a youthful roster who could do some damage in the future. You can’t keep a player like Millsap especially if he’s bolting in the off-season. Getting future assets is what they need but you can’t be trading first round picks to teams like Cleveland.

Both Howard and Millsap are 31-years old so if you wanted to go in full tank mode, trading these two players is something you have to consider. Howard is an investment so trading him would send the wrong message to the fans. The message would be “We’ve made a bad mistake and need to get rid of this guy.” There is only two or three teams in each conference that have a shot at competing for a title. The Hawks are not one of those teams and it is up to the management to see where their team is. Taking Millsap off the trade market may just be a ploy to increase his value but it is a dangerous game to play at such an important time for their franchise.