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Author W.P. Kinsella Dies at 81

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Author W.P. Kinsella Dies at 81

I remember as a kid going to the school library to search for a book to read for the next couple of weeks.  I was a kid that loved baseball and loved my beloved Cubs, so when I saw a book titled “The Iowa Baseball Confederacy” I knew that was the book for me.  I remember how this book captivated me as a kid as it delved into a story of a young man who sets out to prove the existence of The Iowa Baseball Confederacy.  This kid from a small town in Iowa told a story of the greatest game ever played between his towns local team and the 1908 World Champion Chicago Cubs.  A story of a game that lasted more than 2000 innings and 40 days before ending on a home run.

On Friday W.P. Kinsella’s literary agency confirmed to the Vancouver Sun that the Canadian writer died in Hope, British Colombia.  For those of you that may not have been lucky enough to have stumbled across a book by him like I did, you will probably remember him as the Author of “Shoeless Joe” which was later turned into the classic film we all know as “Field of Dreams’.

Field of Dreams is widely considered to be many people’s favorite baseball movie of all time.  The movie that was released in 1989 would go on to become nominated for “Best Picture of the Year” and inspire a real life baseball field in Dyersville, Iowa where you can relive the days of old-time baseball.

On Friday the world lost one of the great lovers of baseball and a great author too.  I guess when you think of W.P. Kinsella you have to always think back to one of the great lines from the movie Field of Dreams and ask:

Hey, Is this Heaven?

No, its Iowa.


RIP W.P. Kinsella