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Bad Blood: Blue Jays, Rangers Square Up

Rangers Beisbolsinaloa/via Flickr


Bad Blood: Blue Jays, Rangers Square up

It started with an epic bat flip and ended with a solid right cross to the jaw.  This is the last image we have of the match-up between the Toronto Blue Jays and the Texas Rangers.

In last years playoffs Toronto’s Jose Bautista left a bad taste in the mouth of the Texas Rangers when he hit a walk-off in last years ALDS and ended it with one monstrous bat flip for the ages.  Time may have passed, but that bad taste did not go away as quickly as time did.  Back in May of this season the Texas Rangers took the opportunity to inflict a little pay back for what they had deemed as a sign of disrespect from Bautista.  They would throw at Bautista and award him with a hit by pitch to let him know that now everything was square.  However, it didn’t end there. After a hard slide into second base Bautista and second baseman Rougned Odor squared up and Odor delivered a crushing right hand to Bautista’s jaw.

Once the umpires calmed everyone down, Blue Jays reliever Jesse Chavez hit Prince Fielder with the next pitch. Chavez was ejected after umpires had warned both teams earlier in the eighth inning when Bautista was hit by a pitch from Matt Bush.  Everyone thought this was the last meeting between these two teams and we wouldn’t have to worry about fireworks again until 2017.  Everyone just so happened to be wrong.  We now are all set to witness round two between these two teams and this time the stakes are much higher.  The Rangers players will be trying to focus more on winning games and less on winning fights.

“This is the playoffs; we’re not going to be thinking about what’s happened before,” third baseman Adrian Beltre said. “Our mindset is on winning ballgames, and I think theirs should be, too. I don’t think anyone wants to jeopardize the playoffs because of what happened before.”

The rest of the team would share the opinion of Beltre and are trying to keep their eye on the prize they truly desire.

“We know this is the first step, and we’re going to have two more after that,” first baseman Mitch Moreland said. “We got to go out there and continue to play our game, no matter who’s out there on the other side.”

The Rangers are not the same team that faced the Blue Jays during the regular season.  At the trade deadline the Rangers added key pieces to their lineup.  Catcher Jonathan Lucroy, DH Carlos Beltran and left fielder Carlos Gomez are new faces that the Rangers added with the hopes of winning a World Series title.

The Blue Jays would like nothing more than to come to the defense of their teammate Bautista and send the Rangers packing once again in 2016.  The game is set and teams are ready to play again.  Lets just hope we don’t see anyone come ready to rumble this time.

The American League Division Series begins on Thursday at 3:30 p.m. CT on TBS.