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Bad News Barrett Leaving The WWE.


Bad News Barrett Leaving The WWE. Looks to leave by June of this year.

Reports are circulating that Wade “Bad News” Barrett is apparently done with the WWE, and looks to end his run by June of this year.

The 2015 King of the Ring winner has been plagued by injuries since he began his run with the company, most recently sustaining a nerve injury in his neck. “King” Barrett is believed to be unhappy with the direction his career has taken within the company, and gave his notice that he would not resign with the company once his contract finished out in June.

Many within the company, as well as the wrestling community believe that the company’s choice not to push Barrett was due to his injuries, which was the reason behind him being added to “The League of Nations” stable, as a means to lighten the workload.

His last meaningful win, besides his last run as Intercontinental Champion, was the 2015 Long of the Ring, where he became “King” Barrett, a gimmick that gabs got behind, only for them to essentially be disappointed by the end result.

Where will Barrett end up is anyone’s guess, but, if his injuries are as bad as expected, one can only guess what his options will be. Stay tuned.


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