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Ben Simmons Down And Out In Philly


Ben Simmons Down And Out In Philly

The hype surrounding Ben Simmons was palpable. The 6 foot 10 wunderkind brought to America to hoop via Austrailia has had fans in Philly waiting on pins and needles for his NBA debut.

The hype will have to wait. In the early afternoon hours Friday it was announced that Simmons had a broken fifth metatarsal in his right foot. Philly fans have been waiting for quite some time to have something, or someone, to get behind.

The guy who looks like a combination of Magic Johnson, Grant Hill, and Lamar Odom was supposed to save Philly. The Sixers have been cellar dwellers for the better part of this decade, and Simmons was to be the cornerstone of a rebuild that could take Philly out of drudgery.

How could this happen?

Is Simmons, like fellow Sixer Joel Embiid, destined to spend his rookie season in street clothes? NBA fans and pundits all remember Embiid, the promising, yet raw Center taken three drafts prior out of Kansas. Embiid has battled his own injuries, and through two full seasons has yet to grace an NBA floor.

Could history be repeating itself?

Are the Sixers under some sick, voodoo type curse via former GM Sam Hinkie?

How do the Sixers handle Simmons going forward? Let’s play armchair GM and pretend that Simmons makes a quick recovery. What’s their move? Do they take the cautious approach and handle Simmons with kid gloves?  Or do they risk their future and potentially Simmons‘ career in the process, and try to fast track him back to the court?

If I’m Philly and Brian Colangelo, I take the cautious route with Simmons. I wouldn’t put him back on the court until he is cleared to play by God himself.

What does Philly have to lose by sitting Simmons until he is all the way back to 100 percent? It’s not like their fans aren’t used to the team being dreadful. Worst case scenario the team is horrific for another season, and they find themselves back at the top of the lottery come next April. With the Sixers still being more than one piece away, it’s not like another top 3 pick in next year’s lottery would hurt.

Brian Colangelo is a brilliant executive in the NBA. He has built winning teams in Phoenix and Toronto. Rest assured he has a plan. It’s simply that up until early Friday afternoon, his plan included Simmons. Plan B is now the call to action, and Philly fans should take some solace that their team is in Colangelo’s capable hands.

Fans all over the world were looking forward to Simmons making his NBA debut. He showed flashes of brilliance at LSU, and more recently during Summer League in Las Vegas.

For the good of the NBA, and in particular the Sixers, let’s hope Simmons makes a timely recovery to full strength.

Sorry Philly, looks like there’s always next year.