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Big Papi is leaving the game with a bang

Big Papi Keith Alliso/ Via Flickr


In his final season in the big leagues Big Papi isn’t walking away quietly.

At the beginning of every game you will hear the umpire shout out “Play Ball.”  When it comes to people who epitomize that term there is none more recognizable than “Big Papi.”  He is a ballplayer that comes to the park every game and hasn’t forgotten that he is playing a game that he loves.  He often has said that what calms him is remembering what it was like as a kid to play the game.

“You’ve got to keep it simple to be successful.” Ortiz said. “In Little League, it was just like, ‘Oh we’re here. Let’s go. Let’s play.’ “

And that is what the guy we call “Big Papi” continues to do.


A flare for the dramatic

Ortiz has always had a flare for the dramatic.  From his heroics in ending the Red Sox World Series curse in 2004 to his record-breaking MVP performance in the 2013 World Series, he has earned himself the legendary status that Boston fans give to him.  He is a nine time All-Star, three time World Series champ, and now sits on the 500 homerun list.  Ortiz is known to pull off Ruthian like feats throughout his career.  We have all heard the story of Babe Ruth calling the shot, well earlier this season David Ortiz would pull off something very similar.

A 5-year-old Red sox fan that was born with a rare disease had asked Ortiz to hit a homerun for him.  Ortiz would deliver on that promise.  In the 8th inning he hit a go ahead shot over the Green Monster to give the Red Sox a two run lead and a win over the Yankees.

“It’s something that I would say is just God putting his hands (on me),” Ortiz told WBZ’s Dan Roche. “We all know that it’s not that easy to come through like that, but I’ve been able to get things done like that on a few different occasions. I guess I have been lucky.”

He is right because in fact this is the third time that Papi has been able to deliver on such a promise.


Big Papi’s latest antics

In the 5th inning of last nights game against the Angels, Ortiz would add to his already historic resume.  He would step to the plate and line a solo shot down the right field line that sparked a three run inning and led the Red Sox to a much-needed win.  The historic side of all this is it was his 2000th hit which put him ahead of Willie McCovey, Frank Thomas, and Ted Williams on the all time hits list.  It was also his 522nd career homerun of his career.  His next historical mark to meet is not far off.  He is now just 12 homeruns from tying Hall of Fame’s Jimmy Fox and 14 away from tying another legend, Mickey Mantle.

I am convinced Big Papi is a man who has plans to go out while he is still on top and based on his performance this year, it doesn’t look like he plans on letting us down.