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Bobby Lashley Wants a Piece of Brock Lesnar?

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Bobby Lashley Wants a Piece of Brock Lesnar?

Current TNA World Heavyweight Champion Bobby Lashley apparently wants to test his fighting skills against the current boogieman (no, not that guy) of the WWE, “The Beast Incarnate” Brock Lesnar.

Over the years, Lashley, much like Lesnar, branched out into the MMA world, finding a fair amount of success, amassing an impressive 15-1-0 record to his accord. Minus the one loss to Chad Griggs at the August 21st, 2010 Strikeforce event, Lashley has shown that he can hang with some heavy hitters in the octagon. Something that Lesnar knows a thing or two about.


Lesnar touts a less impressive record of 5-3-0, with one No Contest, after testing positive for performance enhancing drugs, following his fight with Mark Hunt at UFC 200. However, Lesnar also has a UFC Heavyweight Championship reign to his accord, so there’s that. But, that doesn’t seem to deter “The Dominator” much, as he told Sports Illustrated recently that he wants a one on one with Lesnar. Said Lashley:

“I want that fight with Brock Lesnar, I don’t care if it’s the ring, the cage, or in a street fight. Brock is at one of the highest points in the business, so high that they’re trying to bring him down to make other stars. Brock brings legitimacy to the business, and he has Paul Heyman with him to do everything else he can’t do. I’m completely up for that fight.”

Both Lesnar and Lashley were amateur/collegian wrestlers who found success in the WWE, but while Lesnar has returned to his old stomping grounds, accomplishing such feats as beating “The Streak”, Lashley, when not in the octagon, has found much success, including his current championship run in TNA.

When asked about the possibility of seeing himself in a WWE ring again, Lashley said that he would be open to a return, under the right circumstances, of course, but, that he is happy where he is currently. Said Lashley:

“I’m really happy where I am, I’ve never been a politics guy in wrestling, I’m just someone who came out and worked. I’m a product of amateur wrestling, and there is no one there to help you with matches or win matches—you have to do it yourself. I love wrestling, and of course WWE is the main stage, but I’m happy to be with TNA. If the right scenario ever came up to return, then it’s a possibility, but I am extremely happy where I am right now.”

A Bobby Lashley/Brock Lesnar fight would definitely be something that fans of either the wrestling or MMA world would love to see, but, don’t hold your breath, as, well, rival companies, both have to protect their stars, yeah.

But, fans can dream, right?

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