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Boston Red Sox Rotation Prediction 2017.



It seemed like the Red Sox pulled one out of the old  Theo trick bag taking a Chicago Cubs approach to the off-season. That approach was to simply win the off-season as a whole, and that’s just what they did. Signing guys like Chris Sale, a Starting Pitcher from the White Sox, and Mitch Moreland who is to replace Big Papi. I want to focus on the rotation though. The Red Sox a team with a very dangerous rotation, that could carry them to the playoffs without a problem.

The Red Sox  have diversity to deal with in starting pitcher David Price on the DL with an elbow injury. A  blow to the Red Sox pitching staff, with the depth they have the Red Sox should find someone instantly. I was thinking more someone like Eduardo Rodriguez. Even though he’s only been in the league for two years he shows that he can handle a starting position.

Another surprise is the Red Sox announcing today that instead of Chris Sale on opening day. It will be Rick Porcelllo, yes he was Cy Young winner but Sale has proven to be the better pitcher. The only reason I think Porcello is the starter is because Sale is coming to a new team. Which doesn’t seem to make sense, these coaches make millions for a reason.

Last season the Red Sox placed in the top 10 in; ERA(4.00), WHIP(1.27), and BAA(.246). With the addition of Chris Sale and Rick Porcello coming off the year he had, you can bet the Red Sox rotation is going to be significantly better than last year. I’m guessing an ERA of 3.52, WHIP of 1.17 and a BAA of .225 . Those numbers do seem awfully compelling and scary. Especially with the potent offense they have, it’s going to be a scary year for the rest of the A.L. lets just hope they can keep up.