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Brad Ziegler Joins Marlins

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Brad Ziegler signs with Marlins on two-year deal

Thirty-seven year old Brad Ziegler has signed with the Miami Marlins. The deal is said to be for two years and $16 million. Ziegler spent the last half of the 2016 season with the Boston Red Sox. While in Boston, Ziegler appeared in 33 games and had a 1.52 ERA with 31 strikeouts in 29.2 innings.

Ziegler was acquired by the Red Sox in July of last season. Before joining the Red Sox, Ziegler was a member of the Arizona Diamondbacks and worked primarily as their closer. In 2015, Ziegler recorded 30 saves out of 32 save opportunities for the Diamondbacks. In the same year, Ziegler amassed a 1.85 ERA in 66 appearances. He also recorded a career low 0.96 WHIP while with the Diamondbacks in 2015.

Before the trade to the Red Sox in 2016, Ziegler recorded 18 saves out of 20 chances. When he was shipped to Boston, Ziegler had to find a new role as the Red Sox already had a closer in Craig Kimbrel. Still, Brad recorded four saves out of eight chances with the Red Sox.

As the 2016 off-season progresses, a trend is starting to develop. Good relief pitching is at a premium, and teams are willing to pay that premium. So far, we have seen Kenley Jansen get $80 million, Aroldis Chapman get $86 million, and Mark Melancon get $62 million. While Ziegler may not be on the same level as those three, he can still get outs late in ball games. Ziegler has been in the league nine years and is still confusing batters with his side-armed delivery.

Brad Ziegler is the definition of a poor man’s closer. He does not have the velocity of a Chapman or Jansen, but he is experienced and has a track record of good success. The Marlins needed a guy that they could trust in the late innings of ball games. They may have found their man in Brad Ziegler, and for $8 million a season, what could it hurt?