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Bradley Beal staying with Wizards for 5 yr. $128m.

Bradley Beal


At 12:01 am on July 1st the NBA began its annual free agency frenzy.

Every year when the Free agent period begins we see teams shuffling around to try to be the team to land the biggest names that go on the market.  Some teams put all their eggs in one basket and pursue the big names, while other teams look to fill the holes that need filled in their current roster.  This year the big name that has been circulating is Kevin Durant. 

The Wizards are one of the lucky teams that found out early that they were not in consideration for Durant’s big move.  This early notification that they were out of the race allowed them to go after a potential star that they already knew very well.  The Wizards would finalize a deal with guard Bradley Beal who has played for the Wizards since 2012 when they drafted him out of the University of Florida.  The deal is for 5 years 128 million.

Bradley Beal has the potential to be a star in the NBA and possibly just the kind of star that every team would want.  He possesses a quiet cool and shows up to take care of business every time he steps on the court.  Last season Beal put up numbers that made it undeniable that he deserved the attention the Wizards were giving him.  This 23 year old has been gaining momentum across the league by putting up numbers of 17.4 points per game, 3.4 rebounds, 2.9 assists.  He shot 44.9% from the field and 38.7% from 3pt range.

Why the Wizards had to lock down Bradley Beal?

  1. Beal is looking more and more like a star all the time.  He continues to improve and has shown he is an underrated defender.  His shooting has improved and Beal is looking like a player who wants to get better and can put his ego behind the name on the front of the jersey.
  2. They had to lock him down before he and the rest of league realize the star potential that he has.  If the Wizards waited to long and he had a chance to be out on the market they could possibly lose a home-grown talent that they could never have replaced.


Although the NBA and it’s fans are caught up in the “Where’s Durant going” madness, this is probably the best move the Washington Wizards could have done.  With a John Wall and Bradley Beal frontcourt you have to look at the Wizards as a team with potential to make a run at some other free agents to fill the gaps on this team.  The Wizards didn’t need to conjure up some spell that brought the NBA to it’s knees.  Instead they just had to take care of their own and build on what they already had in place.