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BREAKING: NBA Expands Social Media Partnership

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Basketball fans will have new ways to watch original, live NBA programming due to an expanded social media partnership.

The NBA announced an expanded deal with their social media partners on Tuesday. The deal will add a new, weekly pregame show that will stream live on Twitter.

The goal of the new programming is to allow fans to communicate their thoughts and questions and be able to have interactions, via Twitter, with the show. This new content and another show that is not yet announced, will be active for the 2016-17 season.

The NBA joined Twitter in 2009 and have the most followers of any sports league in the world, boasting over 22 million followers. Their Vine stream has surpassed over 2 billion loops since they joined during the 2013 Finals.

Twitter, Vine and Periscope are great avenues for people to share their content and have massive, relevant sports conversations. A live stream with 22 million people watching, commenting and bantering in the comments will be something to see.

This expanded partnership will keep all of the current content including rapid replays, Vine highlights, player arrivals and GIFS. It will allow the NBA to bring more content from its events like All-Star weekend, the Draft, as well as the Playoffs and Finals.

This means more player takeovers and behind the scenes footage of your favorite NBA teams. Press conferences and interviews will be shown on Periscope, a live streaming service with ties to Twitter.

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver commented on the new deal, saying “We’re excited about bringing live content to Twitter, which has proven to be an ideal destination for real-time sports conversation. We’ve seen technology bring fans closer to our game, teams and players in ways we only could have imagined a decade ago.”

“Twitter is the fastest way to find out what is happening in the NBA and have a discussion about it,” Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey, added. “Watching basketball with Twitter is a great experience, and the league has been at the forefront of embracing new ways to reach their fans.”

Having new avenues to view NBA content is an exciting prospects for fans of the sport and will also allow for interaction, bringing fans from all over the world together in one place to enjoy their game.