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Breaking News: Marques Ogden Is Making A Return To Pro Football

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Marques Ogden Making A Return To Pro Football

Marques Ogden, a former NFL offensive lineman, is making a return to professional football. In February, a team from the CFL reached out to Marques with interest in having him go through a workout. Marques told me in an exclusive interview that he did not think they were serious.

“It was a Sunday night, about six weeks ago, when I got a call from a CFL scout that said this team was really interested in having me workout for them. I thought there was no way they were serious. I mean, I hadn’t played any kind of high level football in a decade! I wound up telling them that if they were serious, call me the next morning and I hung up. My phone rang around 10:00 or 11:00 the next morning. They arranged for me to fly out the next day, workout Wednesday, and return home Thursday.”

After talking to his wife, who was very supportive and Marques said was a driving force, he contacted Calvin T. Williams, Jr.; Founder of TruWill Sports Consulting and CFLPA Certified Agent; who took him on as a client. Ogden is now set to attend mini-camp in late April.

The Beginnings

Ogden played Division I football while attending Howard University from 1998-2002. After graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Finance degree, he followed his dream of becoming a professional football player. Over the course of his career, he played for the Jacksonville Jaguars, Baltimore Ravens; where he was teammates with his older brother, Jonathan, in 2005, Buffalo Bills, and Tennessee Titans.

Next Stage In Life

Following his time in the NFL, Marques founded a construction company known as Kayden Premier Enterprises. The company grew rapidly in its first few years, but the success was short-lived. On a project in which problems arose, Ogden lost $2 million and was forced into bankruptcy. The company went out of business in 2012.

The Phoenix Rises From The Ashes

When it seemed that he had lost everything and the tunnel was dark, the NFL Trust became the light that helped Marques rebuild and restructure his life. His goal in life is to inspire others never to give up and never let someone else tell you that you cannot do something based on your age, gender, race, or religion. He inspires people because of his own story, because of his own experience of being there.

Someone once told Marques that at age 32, he was too old for the NFL or CFL. Unfortunately, he believed them at that point in his life. He had just lost seemingly everything and hearing those words put him in a dark place. Ogden had a hard time even watching a football game on television and became desperate. Marques began to realize that when you are desperate, and you chase after something, there will be no success. When you stop chasing and begin focusing, you find success.

He stopped chasing and became focused on his passion for motivational speaking, became a best-selling author, and has had training camps for youth football. Ogden found success and happiness outside of playing the game of football. Marques still worked out at the gym and tossed the ball around, but it was not his life anymore.

That’s when it happened, the phone call that he couldn’t believe. The phone call that was such a complete shock. As a matter of fact, with that call, the Phoenix began to rise from the ashes.


Marques says he is in the best shape of his life, better shape than he was in when he was in his twenties playing in the NFL. He has hired a massage therapist, something he never did in his NFL career, to keep his muscles loose. Ogden has also been working out with former teammates to improve his own skills and continue practicing his footwork to remain quick. Marques practices yoga works out at the gym twice daily and has a healthier overall lifestyle. Ogden has improved himself, both mentally and physically.

The offer from the CFL allows Ogden to show people that they should always be ready, always put their best foot forward, and workout as if someone is watching because you never know just when they might be. At 36, it gives him a chance to show that his athleticism has not diminished and share his knowledge by mentoring the younger offensive linemen. Therefore, he sees all plus signs ahead of him with this deal, no minuses.

Motivational And Inspirational

Marques Ogden is 36-years-old. He has not played high level football in a decade. He seemingly lost everything. Why does all of this matter? Because it makes Marques Ogden the man and athlete that he is. It makes him the inspiration to others that he is. He is a natural motivator. Through the darkest of times in his life, he found the light, and he has come out on top.

When I spoke with Marques, he told me that he has a tagline he likes to use.

“If you make a mistake, you own it.”

He has made mistakes, and he has owned them. By owning them, he improved himself in every way which allowed him to lose the desperation. Losing the desperation enabled him to find success and opportunities. Once he stopped chasing the second chance, it came to him. Ultimately, Marques Ogden was fine with no longer playing football, but the CFL sought him out and he’s ready to make a comeback.

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