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Brief Career For Terrell Davis But A Fruitful One

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Davis started his NFL career with a chip on his shoulder

The Denver Broncos drafted Davis with the 196th pick in the 6th round of the 1995 NFL Draft. Davis was drafted by Denver with low expectations and had little to no chance to make the team. Davis busted his behind at practice and was eventually noticed by Denver’s coaching staff during the preseason. He was given the starting job for the regular season. He went on to have a productive rookie season and career for Denver and never looked back.

The missing piece to the Broncos’ puzzle

The Denver Broncos had the reputation as the team that couldn’t finish the job during the 1980’s. Former Broncos’ quarterback John Elway took the Broncos to three Super Bowls in 1986, 1987 and 1989. Denver lost all of them and didn’t sniff another Super Bowl until 1997. The Broncos were missing a player that could take some of the pressure off Elway’s shoulders. Davis more than proved to be the player that Denver was missing when he exploded during his sophomore season and seized the NFL’s Offensive Player of the Year award. Davis rushed for 1,538 yards and 13 touchdowns on 345 rushing attempts.

Denver knew what they had and it paid off for them

The Denver organization knew what they had in Davis after his astonishing sophomore season. They had a player that could help their team and quarterback get back to the Super Bowl. The following season, Davis exploded once again for the Broncos and along with Elway guided the team not only back to the Super Bowl, but to secure the franchise’s first Super Bowl. Davis rushed for over 100 yards in all of Denver’s postseason games in 1997. He won MVP honors in Super Bowl XXXII with 157 rushing yards and 3 rushing touchdowns. Due to a migraine, Davis only played in three quarters of the game.

The 2,000-yard club was the pinnacle for T.D.

Davis continued to rewrite NFL history books when he rushed for 2,008 yards and scored 21 rushing touchdowns in the 1998 NFL regular season. He was the fourth running back in NFL history to have joined the 2,000-yard club at the time. Davis’ record-breaking season landed him NFL MVP honors. The Broncos earned another postseason trip and won back-to-back Super Bowls.

Davis comments on career and Denver fans during conference call

An NFL National Conference Call was held on July 20th featuring Davis. “I don’t worry about what did not happen,” said Davis. “I consider my career to be unique because I was able to do special things like rush for 2,000 yards and win two Super Bowls.” Davis believes short careers shouldn’t matter when it comes to the Pro Football Hall of Fame. He mentioned Green Bay Packers’ wide receiver Sterling Sharpe as an example of a player that he hopes gets the nod to the Hall of Fame some day. Davis complimented the Denver fan base for all of their support. “I couldn’t have asked for a better fan base,” said Davis when asked about the fans in Denver.

Davis’ take on the current state of NFL running backs

I asked Davis what he thinks about the current state of NFL running backs. “Things could shift eventually, but it’s hard to say,” replied Davis to my question. “Seeing guys like Ezekiel Elliott run the ball reminds us what a good running game can do for a team.” He also mentioned how running backs in today’s game can remind teams about their importance and brings up the example of Oakland Raiders’ running back Marshawn Lynch.

Not the best ending, but he left Denver with the best memories

Davis wasn’t able to duplicate the big numbers from his first four seasons with the Broncos due to nagging injuries. His last three seasons with the team were frustrating. He decided to hang it up after the 2001 regular season. The 2017 Hall of Fame member only played four full NFL seasons for Denver, but Broncos fans will forever be grateful to the man they call “T.D.”.

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