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Bryant Keeps Cubs Rolling

Bryant Dan Gaken/ via Flickr


Kris Bryant

Last year Chicago Cubs fans had to wait to see Kris Bryant make his major League début.  The Chicago Cubs decided to keep him in the Minor Leagues to start the 2015 season in order for them to have control of Bryant’s contract for one extra year.  The Cubs would delay his call-up for 12 days and help them keep a potential superstar around a little longer.  Now in his second season and after claiming Rookie of the Year honors last year, Bryant is proving why it was so important to keep a guy like him around a while longer.

Kris Bryant added his name to a strong list of Cubs greats on Thursday afternoon.  Kris Bryant, Ernie Banks, Sammy Sosa, Anthony Rizzo and Ron Santo all found something to share in Cubs history.  Bryant not only had five hits for the second time this season, but he also added his 29th and 30th home runs to add his name to this list as the only Cubs to reach 30 home runs at the age of 24 or younger.

KB now in only his second full season is making a case to everyone in Major League baseball that he deserves the MVP of the National League.  On Thursday he tied his career high in hits with five and just missed hitting for the cycle.  Bryant would lead the Cubs to their 77th win with a single in the first inning, two-run homer in the third, double in the fourth, a solo shot in the sixth and an RBI single in the eighth.


“It was one of those days that went by too quick,” said Bryant.  “You really have to enjoy a 5-for-5 day; they don’t happen too much.  It just felt like a great day overall.  A fun day to hit, that’s for sure.”


KB is a kind of low-key guy that doesn’t like to brag on himself much, but some of his teammates were willing to do it for him.


“KB (Kris Bryant) is the GOAT, the greatest of all time,” shortstop Addison Russell said, laughing. “Me and Rizz (Anthony Rizzo) said that today in our little group huddle. Absolutely phenomenal. I just go over to him after the fifth hit and like, ‘Dude, perfect day.’ Very awesome to see.”


Kris Bryant possesses everything we want to see in our star athletes, greatness, skill, hard work and class.  He is the guy that Bryce Harper nicknamed “Silk” back when they faced each other as kids, because he said Bryant was just so smooth.  He may not say much to let you know how good he is and you may be confused from the child-like grin he always has on his face, but he speaks with his performance.  Manager Joe Maddon would comment on Kris Bryant’s classiness too.


“He’s a very humble man, too. I know his picture is everywhere, but he doesn’t act that way. … If he has an ego I haven’t seen it.”


The season still has a little way to go before we crown an MVP, but don’t look now because KB’s teammate Anthony Rizzo is nipping at his heels.  As the Cubs continue to pull away in the NL Central Division, we might just be seeing a battle within the Cubs team.  Not the kind of battle where people are fighting or there is some level of dissention amongst teammates, but the kind of battle where best friends try to one-up one another.  Both Bryant and Rizzo have embraced the inner rivalry and even manager Joe Maddon gave his take on things.


” I hope they both win.  They really share one name–Bryzzo,” Maddon Said, referring to the Bryzzo Souvenir Company ads for Major League Baseball.  “Maybe Bryzzo could be named the MVP.”


I guess for now we will have to wait and see who is able to continue their MVP pace, and maybe if Bryzzo can keep going strong, we will see a Co-MVP named in 2016.