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Bryce Harper Receives 1 Game Suspension for Altercation with Umpire


Is Bryce Harper a Good Role Model?

Bryce Harper was the best player in the National League last year, and he has so far helped the Washington Nationals earn their 21-13 start.  Harper was ejected in his game on Monday for arguing balls and strikes from the dugout and after a walk-off home run by Clint Robinson, he had a few choice words for the umpire behind the plate, Bryan Knight.  He was ejected from the game, but he still remained in the dugout and then came out on the field to celebrate the walk-off.

Harper was granted a one-game suspension by the league for his actions, but he will appeal which makes him eligible to play until further notice.  He was also awarded a fine of an undisclosed sum.

Harper is now officially a superstar in the MLB and many kids look up to his playing style, swagger and his campaigning to “make baseball fun again.”  Harper getting in trouble with the league is not good for his track record, and he might lose some fans because of it.  Kids are looking up to him, and using “a few choice words” doesn’t necessarily make him a kid friendly guy.   However, he is very young so he still has a lot to learn.  Let him be emotional now, and he will become a classy guy later in his career.