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Can New Vikings Quarterback Sam Bradford Become A Super Bowl Champion?

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Can Sam Bradford be a key cog for the Vikings in 2016?

When Sam Bradford woke up Saturday it was as if Christmas came early. Actually, that’s an understatement. It was as if Santa woke him up with a hot breakfast buffet ready for him to eat. After Sam had his fill, Santa offered him to pet all the reindeer, hop in his sleigh and to come tour the North Pole.

Saturday morning, the Minnesota Vikings and Philadelphia Eagles finalized a trade, sending Sam Bradford to the Vikings in exchange for the Vikings’ 2017 first round draft choice, along with a conditional pick in 2018 that is at worse a 4th round pick and at best a 2nd round pick depending on how the Vikings do that season.

In 2018, the current contracts of Adrian Peterson, Anthony Barr, Brian Robison, and Xavier Rhodes expire. Not to say some of them won’t get re-signed, but it’s hard to believe all of them will. So this trade for Bradford was a necessary move. The Vikings have a two-year window to make a run at the Super Bowl until they potentially lose the core of their young defense.

For Rick Spielman and the Minnesota Vikings to give up a king’s ransom for Sam Bradford, they must believe that he has the potential to lead them to a Super Bowl this year. But does he?

Sam Bradford leaves a precarious offensive situation in Philadelphia. The Eagles are currently working through a coaching change and didn’t have many weapons surrounding him. Arriving in Minnesota Bradford enters a mouth-watering scenario in Minnesota with an offense laden with explosive talent.

To the majority of NFL fans around America, Sam Bradford‘s name is usually associated with mediocrity.

However, if you examine his career stats, and take into account his supporting casts, the numbers start to look not-so-bad:Bradford Stats

Especially when you compare them to Teddy Bridgewater‘s stats over two years:

Screen Shot 2016-09-06 at 16.41.47

Last year, with the pedestrian stat-line you see above, Teddy Bridgewater was able to guide the Vikings to within a chip shot field goal of beating the Seattle Seahawks in the playoffs. Bradford can certainly put up better numbers this season than 14 TDs and 9 interceptions.

In Bradford‘s career, he has only had a running back rush for 100 yards behind him in 13 of his 63 starts. Furthermore, the biggest name receiver he’s ever attempted a pass to is Danny Amendola. He’s never been on a good team, and was typically playing from behind, forced to throw into defenses that had no respect for his team’s run game.

On the Vikings, Bradford will have a guy named Adrian Peterson to hand the ball off to. He will have a host of young, reliable wide receivers to throw the ball to, a serviceable offensive line, and one of the best defensive units in the game to fall back on.

Now that Vikings fans have overcame the numbing loss of Teddy Bridgewater for the season, it’s time to resume our duties as unbridled optimists and have faith that Sam Bradford can navigate our Viking ship to the Super Bowl this year.

So to answer the question, if Bradford can get his head around the playbook quickly enough, complete a few play action passes, and not turn the ball over, I think the answer is yes, he could very well be a Super Bowl Champion.