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Cavaliers Defeat Hawks: Advance to Conference Finals

Cavaliers Phot via Flickr


Sunday afternoon, the Cleveland Cavaliers faced off against the Atlanta Hawks at home in Game 4 of the Eastern Conference semi-finals.

The Cavs had won their last 3, coming from an insanely high 3 point field goal percentage during the playoffs, at 46.2%.

This game seemed all Cavs in the beginning. Their isolation, drive, kick out, shoot 3’s strategy seemed to be extremely efficient.

But the Cavs could not hit those threes early.

At halftime, the Hawks were up 58-56. Their offense flowing, everyone seemed to be hitting from mid-range.

After halftime, the Cavaliers came back out avenging their 2 point deficit, Kevin Love caught fire and hit three 3 pointers to bring the Cavs up 81-77.

Going into the 4th quarter, the Hawks made it even closer game, and it seemed Dennis Schröder could go past any guard to the lane and get a layup.

With 1:16 left in the game LeBron took a pass down low, missed an easy layup thrice on 2 offensive boards, and no foul was called, even though clear contact was shown.

Even so, the Cavs got the ball back, the refs claiming LeBron hadn’t touched the ball last, and LeBron was able to score on an inbound drive to make the game 98-97.

The Hawks came down the court, and Schröder drove to the cup and got stuffed by Tristan Thompson. The Cavs came up the court, where LeBron hit a 21 foot fade away jumper to make it a 100-97 game, with 39 seconds left.

The Hawks came down the halfcourt line and again Dennis Schröder easily drove past everyone with a layup. 34 seconds were left on the clock, the game now 100-99.

LeBron then proceeded to take a bad three-point shot with 14 seconds left, allowing Dennis Schröder to take the ball up the court one last time, where he met LeBron and his strong hands gobbling up his attempt at another layup.

A jump ball was called, the Cavs made the initial rebound, even though Al Horford made a last second effort shooting a late three and bricking.

The final score – Cavaliers 100, Hawks 99.

Despite the fact Cleveland only shot 9/31 behind the 3 point arc, the Cavs pulled away with victory.

LeBron was one assist away from a triple-double (21/10/9), Kevin Love had 27/13, and Kyrie Irving had 21 with 8 assists.

6 Atlanta players ended up with double digit points, Schröder leading the team with 21.

For the Cavs, it’s their second straight year heading to the Eastern Conference Finals.

For LeBron, it’s his 6th straight conference finals appearance.

The Cavaliers will wait for the Miami Heat and Toronto Raptors to finish their Eastern Conference match up, which currently stands at Raptors 2, Heat 1.