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Celebrity All Star Softball

All-Star Game Brian Wallace/via Flickr


The world has been anticipating the one MLB All Star event that brings out the stars.  Today the MLB announced their first round of picks for the Celebrity All Star softball game.

I hope that everyone is able to contain their excitement.  This group of C-list actors and musicians are about to show that they have more to offer us.  Although I know these are household names for many, I will try to tell you a little about each player.


Nina Agdal- This “Sports Illustrated” swim suit model has all the makings of what it takes to be an All-Star.  Nina is not just eye candy for this game.  This should put to rest the rumor that she is dating Leonardo DiCaprio too.  I believe it is clear that she has been receiving hitting tips from DiCaprio.

Celebrity All Star Game

Andres Leonardo Stangalini/via Flickr


Pete Wentz- Some people may think of Wentz as the greatest bass player ever to play with Fall Out Boy.  Some may know him from his epic guest starring role on Nickelodeons “School of Rock“.  However, after June 10th you’ll be remembering him for Centuries for his softball skills.

Celebrity All Star game

Fall Out Boy/via Flickr

Sterling K. Brown- Brown is probably best known for his role as Christopher Darden in “The People vs OJ Simpson.”  He may have taken a back seat to Marcia Clark in the mini-series but on the softball field he plans to be lead counsel.

Celebrity All Star game

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J.K. Simmons– We all loved him in Spiderman and he was amazing in Law and Order but you ain’t seen anything yet.  It has been rumored that Simmons was getting himself all jacked for his role as Commissioner Gordon in the new Justice League film.  Now we know the truth.  He has prepared himself for the clean-up position in this celebrity All-Star game.

Celebrity All Star game

Monsters and Critics/ via Flickr

Landon Donovan- For you soccer fans out there this man needs no introduction.  Donovan is the L.A. Galaxy all-time leading goal scorer.  After ending his feud with Jurgen Klinsmann he looks to funnel his anger to the softball field.

Celebrity All Star game

Polish Scout/via Flickr

Ex-Players in the game

The MLB has added some former all-stars to the game too.  Trevor Hoffman, Ozzie Smith, Rollie Fingers and Tim Raines.  I know what your thinking now.  You are thinking that why muddy up the above cast of players with these former All-Stars, but this should help calm the excitement a little.

The wait begins.

The excitement will continue to grow now as we wait to see the other “stars” that the MLB has ready to lace up the cleats.  We are lucky though because they were able to wet our appetite with this star-studded cast and build momentum heading into the event.  I don’t know about you but if it gets any better than this, I just don’t know if I can contain myself.