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Chael Sonnen: “Brock Lesnar Isn’t A Good Wrestler”

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Chael Sonnen: “Brock Lesnar Isn’t A Good Wrestler”

Looks like Chael Sonnen has a strong opinion on the upcoming fight at UFC 200 on July 9th between Mark Hunt and Brock Lesnar. And, if you’re Brock Lesnar, well… It isn’t a positive one. In fact, the former two-time title contender thinks that Lesnar has more bark than bite in his fight game, and that’s essentially all he is going to bring to the table against Hunt.

In a recent interview with Submission Radio, Sonnen started off by praising Lesnar, where he said:

“Lesnar, without a doubt, is the biggest attraction the UFC has ever seen. He’s a once-in-a-lifetime attraction. If Brock’s fighting, you don’t want to miss it. And this truly will be his last fight. Any time there’s speculation ‘is this gonna be the guy’s last fight?,’ that helps to draw, that helps make you go ‘I don’t wanna miss it.’ For sure this is Brock’s last fight. So yeah man, people want to see it. I’m one of those people.”

Sounds nice enough, giving Lesnar his due as a fighter and a competitor, although, the praise didn’t last too long, as Sonnen shared that he didn’t believe that Brock had much of a chance against Hunt. Sonnen stated:

“You gotta understand, Brock hasn’t been in the ring in five years, Hunt was the number one contender within the last calendar year. So no, you don’t have to be exactly an MMA expert to be able to see how this fight goes. Hunt’s gonna wreck him.”

Now, granted, Lesnar has a bit of a pedigree as a wrestler, being a former NCAA division 1 wrestling national champion, and his wrestling game was instrumental in his rise in the MMA world, which culminated in him securing the UFC Heavyweight Championship. But, Sonnen just isn’t impressed, being an accomplished international wrestler himself, didn’t praise his skills:

“He wasn’t a really good wrestler, he was an effective wrestler.”

Sonnen also claims that Lesnar utilized his size advantage against his opponents not only in the UFC, but also may have done so during his NCAA days. Said Sonnen:

“I’ll put this in perspective for you. In the NCAA when he won his national title, he was 265 pounds, which was the limit. In the finals, he had a guy that was 220 pounds and he had to go into double overtime with him. There’s not very many wrestlers alive, if any, that if they had a 45-pound weight advantage couldn’t put that guy away in about 30 seconds.

So he was an effective wrestler, but you know, he had some size and he had a lot of other things to help him get his hand raised. It wasn’t skill and technique. He kept good position, he was a good competitor and he achieved some really great things. So I don’t think that a guy as short as Hunt is just gonna get bum-rushed and taken down.”

With UFC 200 just days away, it’s only a matter of time as to whether Lesnar will prove Sonnen right or wrong, either way, the Lesnar and Hunt are looking to show the world that they are the best, with Lesnar attempting to show that he hasn’t lost it, and Hunt attempting to show the world he is still a top guy in the division.

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