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Chamber Of Commerce Supports Chargers Stadium

Sunny Ha via Flickr


In San Diego on July 28th, the Chamber of Commerce board voted in support of the Chargers and the new multi-sport complex.

The citizen’s initiative, which was officially released by the Chargers proposes that the joint-use stadium will be used for other professional sports and events. The Chargers gathered enough signatures on the initiative to put the project on the November 8th ballot.

Jerry Sanders, Chamber president, and CEO stated that

“It’s also a matter of civic pride, and the positibe impact a new stadium would ahve on the East Village, Downtown and the entire region”

The initiative says that the new stadium would be located east of Petco Park on the MTS bus yard and Tailgate Park lot.

To pay for the development of the stadium, hotel taxes will be increased by 12.5 percent to 16.5 percent. The rest of the funding would come from NFL via seat licenses, name rights, and sponsorships to name a few sources.

The new stadium will create more jobs, and more morale in the community as well as keeping the Chargers in San Diego.

With the backing of the Chamber of Commerce, now the Chargers must win over the hotel industry and the 2 percent rise of taxes that hotels would face, as well as make sure that the city can handle the capacity and scheduling of NFL games.

The concept that San Diego will have a brand new stadium is becoming a reality. Hopefully, this stadium will generate a newfound support for the Chargers in San Diego.