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Chargers’ Philip Rivers Is Blessed With His Best Receiving Core Of His Career


Philip Rivers may take off this year and show how good he really is, simply because he has the receivers to let him do it.

With all of the success Philip Rivers has had in his career, you would think he has had at least a couple of elite receivers to throw the ball to. Well, if that is what you think, you’re wrong. Rivers has had some pretty decent names at his disposal, but no superstars. His best receivers in his career that are not currently on the roster do not give any people reminders of greatness.

The two best receivers that don’t still play for the Chargers today would be Vincent Jackson and Malcolm Floyd. Both of which had very good times in a Charger uniform, but neither would appeal to people as “elite”. Other than these two guys, there has not been a big name guy to come through San Diego in Philip’s time with the team.

Of course, we all know Rivers has been blessed with Antonio Gates his whole career, but there hasn’t been much outside of that. Honestly, Ladainian Tomlinson was one of their better receivers in Philip’s time, and he was a running back. The Chargers are still blessed with one of the best pass catching running backs in the game today in Danny Woodhead, who has helped fill the receiving back shoes that Tomlinson left.

But, this year could be different for the receivers. This has to be the most appealing wide receiver crew the Chargers have offered Rivers in his career. Keenan Allen has the looks of a top 5 receiver in this league. He thrived last year before injury, even with not much of a second option on the other side. The Chargers have now brought in Travis Benjamin, a speedster that came over from Cleveland, to play on the other side of Allen. Also, the Chargers signed James Jones recently, who seems to fit in anywhere. Lastly, Dontrelle Inman proved himself and showed some real promise last year with all the injuries the team suffered at that position.

The injury to Stevie Johnson hurts the receiving core, but there is definitely other guys to fill in. That was the problem last year. When people went down, it was like a domino effect. Everyone seemed to go down at the same time and people who were not ready to play were forced to play.

To go along with the core of receivers, Antonio Gates and Danny Woodhead are still there. Also, Melvin Gordon is expected to have a bounce back year and make this team much more balanced. Not to mention the Chargers drafted tight end Hunter Henry in the 2nd round of the draft this summer.

When you look at it from other perspective’s, you may think this is just a decent core. But, Philip has gotten it done throughout his career with literally anyone that he has had to throw the ball to. To think this year he will have two quality running backs, one that specializes in the pass game.

He will also have a rookie tight end who was considered the best in this class to learn and grow from a future hall of fame player. Lastly, he will have three receivers who have got it done in this league, and Dontrelle Inman showed last year he has the stuff to get it done too.

As a fan of the Chargers, you have to look at this year and get a little too excited. This offense has true promise. Philip deserves this. This year may be the year that Rivers truly shows how elite he really is, and these receivers will do nothing but help him get that done.