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Chester Bennington, a voice of motivation

Chester Bennington, a voice of motivation Carlos Varela/via Flickr


For everyone who has ever been an athlete, or just simply any person in general, music has always played a big role in this game of life. It picks us up, humbles us, makes us dance and sing along, and it motivates us. Music for many is the absolute number one motivation. Everyone has their song, everyone has their band and genre. There is something for everyone. Linkin Park is the choice of many and Chester Bennington has one of those voices to motivate any individual.

Rewind back in time to when a much younger version of myself was dreaming to someday play in the NHL. Making those early morning practices sometimes was found to be troubling, but with some music, all was made possible. In my youth, the go-to choice was Linkin Park’s Hybrid Theory album, one of my all-time favorite Christmas presents. It became a duty to make certain that I would be awake with enough time to listen to either the whole album or a few heavy tunes.

I would arrive at the rink, still playing the tunes in my head, ready to improve. When we are younger, we do not appreciate these small things as much as we do in age. Music goes from being a simple interest, to a love, to something that we need to get through the day. It is more than just words and a rhythm. It is a key to sanity, a great escape.

Linkin Park was one of my secret weapons to assist me on the ice. Even after the dream died and I moved forward, the band would still push me through the tail end of a great workout. However, the man with the voice to motivate myself and many others has died. Chester Bennington, a man guilty of giving me the motivation to become more than I believed possible some days. Though, there are far more people out there who feel the same as myself.

Bennington had the type of voice that would motivate you to reach heights unimaginable and soothe away stresses just as well. That kind of voice will live forever in playlists, in album collections, in the minds of an entire generation and then some. We take the talents of these individuals for granted and sometimes we forget that they are only human at the end of the day. They face struggles and deal with the problems of life just as we do. They are people.

Sometimes, we need the help of others even if we feel too overcome to reach out. Keep an eye on those around you. Reach out if you feel someone is in need. If it is you that needs a helping hand, do not fear. Speak up. We are all in this game of life together. Do not be afraid.

Linkin Park’s music brought light to horrible and troubled situations through their music, putting frustrations and hardships into each and every lyric. They gave us a chance to relate to lyrics during struggles when we needed something to push us through. Their music is always there if nobody else is. There is something out there for any individual, no matter the hardship, there is something that can help.

On behalf of an entire generation, for everything you have done for countless strangers, thank you, Chester.

We hope you are at peace.