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Chris Sale Cuts Himself from Lineup

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Usually when we see a player pulled from the game or scratched from their start this close to the trade deadline, we assume a trade has happened. However, on Saturday night when White Sox Ace, Chris Sale was scratched from his start we found out it was for one of the strangest reasons ever.

The moment the reports were released speculations of why began to spread all across Social Media. Initial reports were that Sale was scratched due to illness, but shortly after Ken Rosenthal would start tweeting what his sources were saying.


This is when things began to take a turn for the weird. The White Sox would release a statement that would cause everyone across baseball to scratch their heads in confusion.


So once again fans and reporters were left to speculate as they dug into the story to see what exactly was going on. Maybe he got into an argument over potential trade talks or maybe someone crossed the line and said something that he didn’t like. Although these seem to be valid guesses, they couldn’t have been further from the true situation.

More tweets would began to surface painting an even stranger story than any of us could have imagined.More Sale

When Ken Rosenthal said “Really Silly” he couldn’t have used a truer statement. We would then begin to hear this all had to do with a dislike for the Throwback uniforms by Sale.


So after all this speculation of why Ace Chris Sale was scratched we find out that not only did he not like the throwbacks but he decided to cut them up so no one could wear them.  Yes that’s right the report said he cut them up.

Sale in trouble

Now although this is not the end of the story with Sale, we are left with new questions.  How does this affect his trade value now?  How does his teammates feel about his childish behavior?  What’s next for Chris Sale?

We may not know the answer to these just yet but one thing I Am sure of is we will soon.  Stay tuned for more as the story continues to unfold and the trade deadline nears.

*The White Sox were scheduled to wear the 1976 Navy Blue Throwback jerseys.