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Cleveland Cavaliers biggest Threat In The East?

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Without the Cleveland Cavaliers the East is still strong.

There is no denying that the Eastern conference has gotten a lot better this year! The Boston Celtics are having fourth quarter splashes that keep fans on the edge of their seats. Tom Thibodeau and the Wizard have developed a young core in John Wall, Bradley Beal, and Otto Porter Jr. Washington has the right players to inhibit a high-tempo offense.  Toronto will be getting back Kyle Lowry in the playoffs as reported by their coach, Dwane Casey. The big East is looking tougher than last years. But, Who has the best chance at giving the Cleveland Cavaliers the biggest run for their money? Let us break it down!

Boston Celtics

Boston is becoming incredibly formidable this season. The starting point guard, Isaiah Thomas has had a great year to help their case. He is averaging 29 points per game which is currently third in the league.  With Isaiah Thomas’s high scoring; could it be enough to take the Cavaliers to a Seven game series? The ability this team has to play long, hard, and tough defense has proven to be too much for the Cleveland Cavaliers on March 1st. That night they were held under 100 points. Even with LeBron James rallying a triple-double; the Boston Celtics were still too much for the NBA Champions.

With  the Boston Celtics being able to bring games down to one play, it has given Coach Brad Steven the opportunity to draw up last minute plays. Most of those plays have led to game tying and game winning buzzer-beaters by his all-star point guard, Isaiah Thomas. It will take a team effort by the Cleveland Cavaliers to contain Thomas.

Washington Wizards

The Washington Wizards have been dynamic, to say the least. They are playing team ball on offense thanks to their premier point guard, John Wall who is second in the league in assists by averaging 10.8 a game. They have a great shot blocking and rebounding center in Marcin Gortat. Marcin Gortat has made it hard for LeBron James and Kyrie Irving to drive the ball down the paint and kick out to open shooters in their past meetings this year. Wall has also helped feed Otto Porter Jr. Which has helped him elevate his offensive game to a new level. This will make King James more paranoid on defense. All three meetings they have had this season have gone over the Cleveland Cavaliers average in point per game.

So the Wizards defense does not necessarily stop scoring. It is Washington’s scoring that will have Cleveland running up and down the court. Curently the Wizards average 119 points per game against the Cavaliers. Cleveland vs. Washington would be a very high-scoring series!

Toronto Raptors

Toronto has had a hectic season due to losing their star point guard, Kyle Lowry. Kyle Lowry suffered a broken wrist just before the all-star break. He is expected to return just in time for the playoffs. Before the injury, the raptors already lost two games to the Cavaliers. Now without Lowry, the Cavaliers are 1-0 against them with one more game before the season ends. The Raptors have struggled against the Cavaliers especially in last years playoffs, where their Center Jonas Valanciunas became their leading scorer and rebounder.

The Toronto Raptors seems to suffer most when the pace of the game slows down. Tempo slows down in the playoffs for all the teams. Toronto’s experience will be put to the test this upcoming post-season if they meet Cleveland.