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Cleveland Cavaliers Extend Tyronn Lue

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Cleveland Cavaliers sign Tyronn Lue to 5-year extension

The Cleveland Cavaliers have signed coach Tyronn Lue to a 5-year, $35 million contract extension.

Lue was promoted from associate head coach last season and lead the Cavaliers to a 27-14 record and an NBA championship. The first four years of the extension are guaranteed with the fifth year being a team option.

Tyronn inked a four-year, $6.5 million deal in 2014 when he was brought to the Cavaliers but did not sign a new contract when he was promoted to head coach.

Lue will look to lead Lebron James and the Cavaliers back to the postseason in search of another NBA title.

He has all the tools to do just that with players like James and point guard Kyrie Irving.