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Cleveland: Championship City

Cleveland Championship Peter Miller/ via Flickr


On Sunday the Cleveland Cavaliers ended a 52 year championship drought.  Now Cleveland wants more.

Cleveland: Championship City

Ok we may be getting a little ahead of ourselves by making such a claim. However, if your a resident of Cleveland you just experienced everything you had dreamed of.  Cleveland now has their long awaited championship.

Now what?

After feeling the joy of watching the Cavs win the NBA title and all the years of suffering through failures one may wonder what to do now.  The answer is, Cleveland wants more.  Now the Cleveland faithful can turn their attention to their beloved Cleveland Indians.  There is still hope for more too.  The Cleveland Indians sit atop the American League central and now want to keep this rolling for their city.  Indians catcher, Chris Gimenez was asked about it after the game last night:

“Hopefully we can be the city of champions now.” “Hopefully people are going to check us out a bit more.  People always have it in their head ‘Oh, they are good now, but they will blow it like the movie ‘Major League.’  But we are a pretty good team and there is some serious potential.  Hopefully now that the Cavs have won, that will give people some hope.”

He’s right.

The Indians are looking very good right now and are leading the Kansas City Royals for the lead in the American League Central.  Francisco Lindor has been leading the way for the Indians with 83 hits, .314 avg, 44 runs, and a .375 OBP.  Several players have added  power to the lineup with Mike Napoli and Carlos Santana each hitting 15 homers.  If you talk to the players they believe they have what it takes too.

“Whenever we are down we don’t think about quitting.” Lindor said  “That’s the good thing about this team.  We believe in each other.  It doesn’t matter who we are playing, we know we have a chance.”

Does this sound familiar?  It should because it is exactly what many Cavs players have been telling all the non-believers.


Cleveland does not lack in believers.

The city of Cleveland has always been a loyal fan-base.  They stick with their teams and have always believed that this is the year.  They have stood behind their teams through what was the longest drought in any sport for a city without a championship.  Each of the three professional teams in Cleveland have dreamed of being the team that ended the drought.  Now the drought is over and the pressure is off for the city of Cleveland.  It turns out that all that believing has finally paid off.  The term “this is the year”, well it is finally true.


No pressure now.

Could it be that now that Cleveland has a championship that the black cloud that hung over the city is gone?  First base coach Sandy Alomar thinks so:

“I think the Cavs win just relaxes the atmosphere for the fans, hopefully we can put ourselves in the same position that the Cavaliers did.”


Indian’s are ready to drive it home.

The current Indians team has many reasons they sit where they are.  They have a rotation that has began to strengthen and looks to get stronger.  The Indians have won 9 consecutive home games and have outscored their opponents (56-20) in those games.  One good thing for the Indians too is they are playing in a division that doesn’t seem to have anyone that wants to run away with it.


One thing is for sure.

If the Cleveland Indians are able to jump on this momentum that the city is feeling and ride it out, they stand a chance.  Their starting pitching shows that if they make the playoffs they can make a run at a World Series.  The drought is over and the Indians can make a playoff run without the nervousness and anxiety of a city that wants it so bad.  Now the Cleveland fans can maybe enjoy the run and get behind their Indians and push them over the top.  There is no doubt that after tasting a championship the fans wont want to stop there.

The time is now for the city of Cleveland to get behind the Indians and become a “Championship City”