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CM Punk To Debut At UFC 203

Phil "CM Punk" Brooks - UFC Mike Roach/Zuffa LLC, shared by Mike_Fagan_13, via Flickr


CM Punk To Debut At UFC 203, and his opponent gives a prediction as to how long Punk will last.

The date has finally been set, after the injuries and the doubts, the highly anticipated debut of Phil “CM Punk” Brooks in the UFC is finally coming to fruition, as the date of September 10th, 2016, he will square off against Mickey Gall at UFC 203 in Cleveland, OH.

Gall, who won his UFC Fight Night debut match a few months back, beating Mike Jackson in the first round of their match up, granting him the opportunity to truly welcome Brooks into the promotion, looks to make it a rough outing for the UFC rookie.

The 24-year old New Jersey native, whose official fight record is 2-0-0, had his fight with Punk delayed, after Brooks had to get back surgery; spoke to FOX Sports this past Thursday after the fight was announced. Said Gall:

“I’ve been training. I’ve been getting bigger and stronger to not only prepare for this fight, but also for down the line. It’s just given me more time to train and keep getting better. Would I liked to have fought before now? Sure. But I’m doing the right things and getting better everyday.”

Gall was discovered on UFC president Dana White‘s reality show “Looking for a Fight”, and surely impressed those in the UFC, so much so that he was brought into the fight against Jackson at UFC Fight Night back in February.

There are still plenty of questions on Punk, who, if you have been paying attention to news about him in these last two years, has had mixed reviews, some saying he is ready for the Octagon, while others have said that he still needed work. However, that doesn’t stop Gall from thinking of him as a real threat in the fight.

Gall continued:

“I’m going to prepare as if they say he’s the best in the world. I’m going to prepare like he’s the baddest dude around, I don’t really think I need to see tape. I’m going to force my game. I’m taking him very seriously.

A lot of people are treating him like a joke but I’m going to look like a real (expletive) if I go out there thinking he’s a joke and get myself beat. I won’t let that happen.”

Gall looks to finish Punk off much in the same way he dispatched Jackson in his first fight, which lasted all of 45 seconds, ending in a submission. Said Gall:

“I think I’ll finish him in one round, but I’ll be prepared to go three hard rounds. I think I’ll be able to get him in one. That’s what I do, I get people in one. I plan to do some violence, some terrible things in the fight. I’m going to make it real ugly for him.”

Gall knows that Brooks is looking to make a statement coming into the fight, but also knows that whether he wins or loses, Punk will still be well off, after having a successful career in the WWE and professional wrestling world. He also feels that a loss to Brooks would hinder his young career in the UFC, potentially ruining any possibility of a future in the promotion.

He continued:

“He’s made his money, done his thing. This is how I’m going to make mine and set my path. It’s a great opportunity but it’s a high risk, high reward. If I do something stupid and lose, I look like an (expletive), I look stupid. I’d be getting the jokes that he’s getting and I’m not going to let that happen. I’m not training like this is going to be an easy win. I’m training like I’m facing the champion.”

No one, not even Gall, knows what’s on the mind of the fighter formerly known as CM Punk, but many question whether or not Brooks would even consider continuing his fight career if he were to lose to Gall at UFC 203. Gall thinks that if Punk were to lose, he wouldn’t just leave the MMA world, he would come back for another opportunity to try and prove himself in the fight world. Said Gall:

“I think there’s still some money to be made off him, I think he’ll probably fight again. I’m going to beat him and then he’ll try to get some retribution to get a win or something.”

Whether or not Brooks would continue to fight in the UFC if he were to lose remains to be seen, however, if he were to lose, and decided he didn’t wish to leave the company, but pursued work as an announcer, he could actually do a good job doing play by play, as Punk does have experience working as a commentator.

But, only time will tell whether or not Phil “CM Punk” Brooks will have the success that yet another WWE transplant, Brock Lesnar, had when he came to the UFC years back.

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