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Cody Rhodes And WWE Part Ways

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Cody Rhodes And WWE Part Ways

It looks as if the big news making way around the wrestling community isn’t just the PPV Extreme Rules tonight, as earlier in the day, WWE Superstar Cody Rhodes was released by the company, after asking for his release this past Saturday afternoon.

The youngest Rhodes son has been performing under the Stardust persona for the last two years, one that many got behind, though the company had not done much with it. Rhodes was consistently in the mid-card scene, and that may have contributed to his decision to leave.

Rhodes would take to twitter to announce to fans his intentions, first on his personal account, then on the WWE verified Stardust account, which has since changed from Stardust to Cody Rhodes (with no avatar, nor cover photo), posting this in two separate tweets:

“(1/2) The past ten years have been quite the trek, but as of earlier today I asked for my release from @WWE

(2/2) I’ll speak further on the matter shortly. Thank you to all the pro-wrestling/sports entertainment fans worldwide. Thank you”

Cody Rhodes leaves after a decade long career with the company, which saw him win numerous titles during his time, as he is a former three time Intercontinental Champion and former six time World Tag Team Champion (three times WWE Tag Champ, three times World Tag Champ), but, in recent years, was more utilized as comedy relief, something that he seemed to be displeased with.

He and his brother Dustin Rhodes (Goldust) were at this week’s Smackdown taping, but left before the taping started. As to whether they were booked on the show or not us still unknown, but, with Cody leaving, it brings to question whether or not Goldust would be staying with the company, even though he had made claims earlier that he would soon retire from the sport.

A good number of superstars and celebrity personalities have expressed their feelings via Twitter since the news of the release broke:

“I’m super grateful for Cody Rhodes allowing me to design his gear this year. It’s a shame it never got to be worn, but I had fun with it.

— Robbie Fox (@ThatRobbieFox) May 22, 2016

“Thinking of my good friend @PrinceCGR today. Whatever’s next, he will excel. Cody: Thanks for taking me on a grand adventure!

— Stephen Amell (@StephenAmell) May 21, 2016

Brandi Rhodes (WWE ring announcer Eden & Cody’s wife) shared her thoughts on her husband’s release, and some believe that she may also be done with the company, as well, although there is no confirmation, saying:

“Could not be any prouder or more supportive.????

— Brandi Rhodes (@RealEdenWWE) May 21, 2016

It wouldn’t be until just a few hours before Extreme Rules, that Cody would release a statement via Twitter, with a photo of his reasons why he chose to leave:

Rhodes Statement Part 1 - TSJ101.comRhodes Statement 2
“My one&only statement on the matter. No podcasts or tell-all nonsense.

Thank you friends.”

Here are a few excerpts from the post:

“At this point, most folks know that I have indeed asked for my release from World Wrestling Entertainment, but it’s paramount in my mind for the fans of pro-wrestling to have some answers and not be left with questions.

… So there I was, standing in the very same locker-room Ric Flair had dressed in before changing the wrestling/PPV (closed-circuit at the time) game forever and capturing the NWA Title at Starrcade ’83, “a Flair for the gold”; it’s sad that after once again being benched off TV that my fate in said spot was instead to be relegated to watching a monitor advertising a returning star and kicking open my tumi gear bag to find an outfit I had long outgrown and a face-paint kit.”

“My goal in pro-wrestling has always been to win the WWE Championship (the one accolade in the game my Father never obtained), and for a decade I tried to convince both Vince and HHH that I could be their star player, their varsity quarterback if you will, but it seems we have reached the point where neither saw that in me.”

“In the past 6-months I had pleaded with WWE Creative and both of my bosses to let me roll-the-dice and once again be Cody Rhodes. I had pitched to every writer on staff like a door-to-door salesman.”

Rhodes has said that he wanted to change his character back to himself, ending the run as Stardust, though his pleas with WWE Creative fell on deaf ears. The WWE would grant Rhodes his wish on Sunday, making the announcement via Just where will Rhodes wind up, now that he is no longer a part of the WWE is still unknown, but, only time will tell what he does and where it will take him.

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