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College Basketball Midseason Favorites from Dickie V and Seth Greenberg

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NCAA Basketball 

Today, I got the chance to listen and ask some questions to Dick Vitale and Seth Greenberg in regards to college basketball. As the conversation moved forward, they seemed repetitive in the teams they mentioned as real contenders: North Carolina, UCLA, Kentucky, and Villanova.

North Carolina

When I asked them to give me their favorites to win it all, Dickie played around with the idea of Villanova, but decisively said, “I can look no further than Chapel Hill and the North Carolina Tar Heels. Tar Heels all the way baby!” He continued to elaborate on the fact that they can not only fill it up on the offensive end (89 points a contest), but they’re also a good defensive team. With the veteran like presence of Theo Pinson now back and in action for the Heels, it only makes their bench that much deeper. 25 rebounds alone came from the bench unit of Roy Williams against Florida State. In an era that offense rules, the rebounding and defensive tenacity seemed to make all the difference for Dickie V.


What seemed to be the most said name of the hour long conversation was Lonzo Ball. Not to my surprise, Seth Greenberg and Dickie V both praised the star for the Bruins. Greenberg picked them as his favorite when he said, “The rules are set up for an offensive team. Lonzo Ball is a dynamic leader. To me, UCLA is poised to be the kind of team that can take it all.” They didn’t just talk about Ball, as they also mentioned that this UCLA team is, “full of shot makers.” Although the Bruins may not have all the talent Kentucky possesses, they certainly have more shot makers.


As a member of BBN, I was overjoyed to hear the interest in this Kentucky team. The conversation really revolved around their dynamic backcourt pairing of Malik Monk and De’Aaron Fox. When asked about the Wildcats, Dickie V has nothing but praise for the duo by saying, “They’re the best backcourt in the game. Both dynamic players.” Vitale saved his highest praise for Monk when he responded to Greenberg saying that the freshman scorer was a, “poor mans Russell Westbrook,” as Vitale said, “I’d be very happy to be a poor man version of Westbrook.” He went on to rave about Monk’s 47-point performance against the Tar Heels when he said that it was the,  “best performance I’ve ever seen from a freshman in my years here.” With all the comments on the dynamite pairing of Fox and Monk, he highlighted three things that will help Kentucky: consistency, defense, and getting Bam Adebayo more touches. It’s no secret among Big Blue Nation that Bam is a star in the making. Nevertheless, the Kentucky Wildcats are poised to make a deep run come March.


Although neither Vitale or Greenberg really said a lot about this team, they still made some definite reassuring statements for the Nova team. They both highlighted the advantage of having players who have been there and done it. Villanova has a roster full of seniors and other veteran players as the only freshman who gets to see legitimate clock is Donte DiVincenzo, unlike the guys in Lexington who start four freshman. Dickie V made on statement that really stood out when talking about Villanova he said, “I didn’t think they were poised to make a run and repeat coming in to this year, but they have definitely changed my mind.” I guess we’ll just have to see if the Wildcats can make history yet again.


With those four teams weighing heavily on the brains of Greenberg and Vitale, let’s not trip, hope you all notice what I did there, and forget a team like Duke. When Coach K comes back, I sadly expect the Blue Devils to make a real run and prove the talent they have can win a National Championship. Who else can make a run? Who will rise and fall? I guess we’ll have to see in the madness of March.



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