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Column – Top 10 Players in The NBA

photo by fantasy couch on Flickr.


With the NBA season long over, I think it’s an appropriate time for me to make my annual top 10 players currently list. I’m basing this list on who I think are the 10 guys with the best overall game.

Just missed

15. John Wall– 19.9ppg/10.2apg/4.9rpg/42% shooting. While John’s all-around game is good, he’s still an inefficient scorer and not very good shooter.

14. Klay Thompson– 21.2ppg/3.8rpg/2.1apg/47% shooting. Klay is a great shooter and good defender, but he doesn’t really do much else.

13. Draymond Green– 14.0ppg/9.5rpg/7.4apg/49% shooting. While Dray is a top 2-3 defender in the league and can facilitate & hit the 3, I still doubt he makes this much of an impact on any other team.

12. Paul George- 23.1ppg/7.0rpg/4.1apg/42% shooting. PG13 is one of the best 2 way players in the game. Last season was pretty much his first back from injury, so don’t be surprised if he ups his game & gets into my top 10 this upcoming season.

11. Blake Griffin- 21.4ppg/8.4rpg/4.9apg/50% shooting. BG’s injury ridden season slowed him down last year. He can do it all offensively at the 4, and if he steps his defense up and stays healthy, he can be an MVP in this league.

Best of the best

10. Kyrie Irving– 19.6ppg/4.7apg/3.0rpg/45% shooting. Kyrie has an insane scoring arsenal, he can score at the rim, at the 3pt line, and anywhere in between. Despite his inconsistent defense, Kyrie is still one of the games 10 best to me. (see 2016 NBA Finals)

9. Kawhi Leonard– 21.2ppg/6.8rpg/2.6apg/50% shooting. Kawhi is the game’s best perimeter defender, and to add-on to that he found a legit offensive game last year as he averaged his career high in points & was 3rd in the NBA in 3pt percentage.

8. DeMarcus Cousins– 26.9ppg/11.5rpg/1.6spg/1.4bpg/45% shooting. Despite a low percentage from the floor, Boogie Cousins was still a monster on both ends last year. He can score, rebound, and create turnovers on the defensive end. If he takes higher percentage shots next year, watch out..

7. Anthony Davis– 24.3ppg/10.3rpg/2.0bpg/49% shooting. AD didn’t progress last year like we all thought he would, but he was still really good. He added a solid 3pt shot, and if that progresses he’ll be pretty much unguardable. Could finally move into my top 5 if he steps his game up just a notch next season.

6. Chris Paul– 19.5ppg/10.0apg/4.2rpg/2.1spg/46% shooting. CP3 still has it and doesn’t look like he’ll lose it anytime soon. Can give you everything you need from your point guard and he does it night in and night out. One of the most consistent players in the league.

5. James Harden- 29.0ppg/7.5apg/6.0rpg/1.7spg/44% shooting. Say what you want about his defense, the pros outweigh the cons. This guy does everything else & does it good. Can score 30 at ease, while getting a bunch of rebounds, assists, and even a couple steals on the other end.

4. Steph Curry- 30.1ppg/6.7apg/5.4rpg/2.1spg/50% shooting. The reigning 2 time MVP comes in a 4 to me. If his shot isn’t falling he doesn’t have much to offer. Still, he’s one of the leagues 5 best. We’ll see if he keeps up his insane shooting going into next season, as it kind of fell off in last years playoffs.

3. Russell Westbrook– 23.5ppg/10.4apg/7.8rpg/2.0spg/45% shooting. Russ was amazing last year, a triple double threat every night. He does it all. With KD gone, I think he’ll be on a mission this year & I won’t be surprised if averages a triple double at season’s end. That’s how great he is.

2. Kevin Durant- 28.2ppg/8.2rpg/5.0apg/50% shooting. I won’t be surprised if KD drops off a little this year, but he’s still the games most lethal scorer. Pair that with his pretty good rebounding, ability to playmake, and solid defense, he’s one of the games two best as of now.

1. LeBron James- 25.3ppg/7.4rpg/6.8apg/1.4spg/52% shooting. LeBron showed everyone in last year’s playoffs and finals that he’s still the king of this league, and that he’s not slowing down. He has the most impactful game in the league, and I don’t expect that to change.