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Cormier/Jones 2 Set For UFC 200, Or Is It?


Cormier/Jones 2 Set For UFC 200, Or Is It?

After the whole Conor McGregor debacle that had the fight world up in arms these last couple of days, the UFC have found a more than suitable replacement to put on the marquee for UFC 200, as the owners, yes, OWNERS (that will be explained in a moment) of the UFC Light Heavyweight Championship, Daniel Cormier and Jon Jones, will square off once again, this time, with Cormier as the title holder, and Jones chasing the gold.

The match was announced during “Good Morning America” this past Wednesday, just hours before the UFC 200 press conference that was to take place later on in the day at The Theater at Madison Square Garden. During the conference, Jones’ fans were egging on the former champ, who, much to the delight of the fans in attendance, would take digs at Cormier, bringing light to his first victory over Cormier in January of 2015.

Since that time, Jones was suspended, due to a felony charge in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Cormier won and defended the title, Jones had returned to face Cormier at UFC 197, but Cormier withdrew, and Jones won an interim version of the championship, beating Ovince Saint Preux for it.

When asked why the rivalry is still hot after almost two years, Cormier said:

“Competitively, I respect what he’s done. He beat me, so I do want to fight him again.”

Jones did give praise to Cormier, while still taking a jab at him, saying:

“I thought DC’s last two fights were great. He had a great game plan against Johnson, fought a drawn-out war against Gustafsson. He did great. I don’t question DC’s ability to beat everyone else; he’ll just never beat me.”

Both competitors did speak of things that were also quite personal to each of them, with Cormier mentioning that the UFC flew a camera crew out to Northern California so that the champ could see his son singing during his school’s spring performance, while Jones revealed that during the week of his fight with Saint Preux, his mother had to have one of her legs amputated due to complications from diabetes, which explains his walk-in during the bout, which he walked over and hugged his family members who were in attendance.

Jones added:

“If that was a bad performance, then look at the level people expect of me, I got that ring rust off me and I believe I’m going to annihilate DC.”

Cormier, who wasn’t the least bit impressed, took an opportunity to cut into Jones, saying:

“We all saw your bum ass fight on Saturday, {Watch him} Get his ass kicked again. You show up like that, I’m gonna beat that ass.”

But, and here is the but, the match seems to be in jeopardy, as Jones looked worse for wear after his fight at UFC 197 on Saturday, limping away from the Octagon. It was reported that for a short time, he had to use a wheelchair to get around, which seems to have landed him in the medically suspended list. Jones has been ordered to get his left foot x-rayed and cleared, if he expects to compete before October of this year, which puts the July 9th bout in question.

The suspension was handed down by the Nevada State Athletic Commission, and was first reported by The temporary suspension will become a full blown suspension that will prevent Bones from competing until Oct. 21st of this year, if the x-rays show any signs of damage.

Officials are hoping for the best case scenario in this situation, that his left foot is healthy enough for him to at least get clearance from an orthopedic doctor, so that their UFC 200 main event is saved.

Keep posted for more details, as we get more on the story.

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