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Could John Harbaugh Be On The Hot Seat In 2017?

Could Harbaugh On The Hot Seat In 2017? NFL Keith Allison via Flickr


Could John Harbaugh Be On The Hot Seat In 2017?

John Harbaugh has had a large amount of success during his tenure as head coach with the Ravens, and it shows in the record book. Since Harbaugh took over in 2008, Baltimore is fourth in total wins, first in playoff victories, is one of seven teams to make the playoffs six times, and has won a Super Bowl.

All of these accomplishments build a nice resume, but in a league built on “what have you done for me lately” (just ask Tom Coughlin) mediocrity isn’t tolerated for long. Three out of the past four seasons, the Ravens have been sitting at home after week 17, which is unacceptable for a team who has built itself on a style of football that is built for the playoffs.

Recent shortcomings may be directly correlated to Harbaugh’s experience prior to becoming the HC in Baltimore, which was nearly entirely limited to special teams coordinator. Baltimore has seemed at times to lack an identity, which could be credited to Harbaugh’s lack of experience outside of special teams.

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Upon Arrival, Harbaugh inherited several stars on defense, and an offense that needed work. Now that the stars on defense have since retired or departed, minus Terrell Suggs, it appears that Harbaugh is struggling to develop the team to the level that is necessary to make it to the postseason, let alone compete for a title.

The success Harbaugh found early and often shows that with a solid team he can compete with the best of them, but as the roster turns over and younger players are brought in, his ability to develop and get the best out of young guys is being questioned. Another questionable trait is his ability to put together a staff, the defensive side of the ball has shown great continuity under Dean Pees, but on the offensive side, the Ravens have had 5 different offensive coordinators since 2008, with the longest tenure being Cam Cameron, an original Harbaugh hire.

Look for change in the ranks of the coaching staff if the 2017 doesn’t produce a playoff run that provides promise for the future.