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Could Paige face punishment for sex tape leak?

Paige Hector Olguin on Flickr


After the NSFW photos and videos of WWE Superstars Paige and Xavier Woods hit the internet last week; social media had been running rampant regarding what may or may not happen with the two Superstars.
According to Dave Meltzer, of the Wrestling Observer; the WWE currently has no plans for any sort of punishment for the two Superstars.

A major reason why the WWE has no plans, as of now; to punish them for the leaks is because they are that. Leaks. Both Woods and Paige are victims of a crime and releasing them because of private content being released would be the wrong thing to do; the WWE has no current plans to do so, according to Meltzer.

However, even if currently there are no plans to punish them; it doesn’t mean that the WWE couldn’t be pushed into taking action. With the example of the Hulk Hogan sex tape fiasco; public pressure could force the WWE to take action. But if that is to happen remains to be seen. Fair or not, that is part of being a part of a publicly traded company.

Not to mention; there could be potential legal ramifications should the WWE opt to punish Paige as she recovers from a WWE related injury.

But if the vague reference that The New Day made to Woods’ involvement is any indication; it doesn’t appear as if the WWE wants to act like it didn’t happen. But at the same time, it would be hard to imagine any other references.

How is Paige handling it?

But, despite Paige being on the shelf; that doesn’t mean that she isn’t supported as she deals with her name being drug through the proverbial mud.

Her father recently took to Facebook to express his concerns over the effects that this scandal could have on the two-time Divas champion.

Along with her family, Alberto El Patron, Paige’s current boyfriend, appears to be impacted.
El Patron was initially slated to appear at WrestleCon during WrestleMania weekend but earlier this week he reportedly pulled out of the event because of the Paige photos.

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