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Cowboys Must Find Ways To Get Dez Bryant More Involved

Cowboys must find a way to get Dez more involved A. VANDALAY VIA FLICKR.COM


Cowboys Need To Get Creative With Their Play Maker

Getting Dez Bryant involved must be the Cowboys’ top priority after a week one loss to the Giants at home.

The Dallas Cowboys opened their 2016 season against a familiar foe in the New York Giants. For the fourth time in the previous five years the Cowboys and Giants faced each other week one. This time, the Cowboys found themselves on the wrong end of the scoreboard.

There was a multitude of reasons for why the Cowboys couldn’t get it done against the Giants. None stood out more than the production of  wide receiver Dez Bryant. Bryant had one catch off of just five targets Sunday. He almost hauled in what would have been an unbelievable touchdown grab, but it was overturned following further review.

The problem isn’t simply that Bryant is drawing extra attention or can’t get open. It’s the fact that he isn’t being used properly. Scott Linehan calls the plays for the Cowboys. He usually finds ways to get guys like Jason Witten, Cole Beasley, and even Lance Dunbar the ball in highly favorable situations. For some reason this doesn’t apply to Dez.

Far too often, Dez is left on one side of the field and is taken out of the play. The opposing defense provides support from a safety or an extra corner to isolate Bryant on one side of the field. This is exactly what has to change. The Cowboys need to come up with more ways to feed their star wide out the ball.

Moving Bryant around formations or putting him in the slot position is a simple fix to the issue. Just get him more involved. For example, if Bryant is in the slot position, defenses don’t have the ability to slide extra coverage to one side. The defense won’t have a clue on what type of route Bryant is running or where he will end up on the field.

When Dez Bryant is finishing a game with one catch off of single digit targets, the chances for the Cowboys to win are low. Bryant is a guy who can make everything easy on a young quarterback and an entire offense. He has the ability to grab the ball from any point and pull it down for a completion.

Rookie quarterback Dak Prescott looked pretty good in his debut. However, he was missing the big play attribute to his game. By allowing the Giants to take Bryant out of several plays, Prescott was forced to throw check downs and other passes for minimal gains.

If the Cowboys don’t apply any changes to their approach or how they get Bryant involved in the offense, it will show in the win/loss column and it won’t be pretty. There is no excuse as to why a player of Bryant’s caliber can finish a contest with a single catch.

In order to succeed as an offense and help the progression of Dak Prescott, Dez Bryant must be a prime contributor to the offense. They need to move him around and get creative with how they scheme plays. Linehan cannot allow Bryant to have this little of an impact on a game.