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Cowboys’ Third Preseason Game Gives Insight For Season

Tony Romo and Ezekiel Elliott had two very different nights KEITH ALLISON VIA FLICKR


Ezekiel Elliott Showcases His Skills In NFL Debut

There are a few positives and negatives to take away from the Cowboys’ game against Seattle. The negatives may far outweigh the positives. Ezekiel Elliott led the way with his debut.

As expected, Ezekiel Elliott’s workload was short and sweet. Cowboys fans were finally able to get a taste of what life would be like with Elliott running the ball behind an elite offensive line.

Elliott looked very good against the Seattle defense. Elliott racked up eight carries for 48 yards. That’s almost seven yards a carry against a very stout defensive line. He looked eager and energetic for the Cowboys, and that’s what fans have been craving to see.

Elliott ran fast, physical, and looked to create contact with the opposition. At one point he ran right at Seattle’s Pro Bowl Safety, Kam Chancellor, and won, spinning off him for additional yards. Elliott’s play is exactly what the Dallas offense needs to succeed this upcoming season.

The Cowboys’ offensive line played very well. The starters were out there for the majority of the first half and looked great. They paved the way for Elliott and Morris to find gaps and exploit the defense. When this unit is playing well together, there isn’t much an opposing team’s defense can do.

Littered with first round picks and first round talent, the Cowboys’ offensive line has youth and elite skill on their side. They should continue to dominate defensive lines and in turn help the Cowboys’ running game excel.

Dak Prescott had another efficient showing, but not as flashy as Cowboys fans have been used to. Prescott completed  17 out of 23 pass attempts for 116 yards and one touchdown. Yes, the yards aren’t popping off the charts, but Prescott did what a lot of rookies struggle to do. He took what the defense gave him and didn’t force any throws or try to do too much.

Prescott has shown again that he understands the game very well. He saw that Seattle was playing their usual zone defense and decided to make check down throws and underneath passes. Prescott has given fans hope that he can be the true number two Quarterback on the roster and backup Tony Romo.

Unfortunately, Prescott might have to start sooner than later, which isn’t ideal for the Cowboys.

Early in the game starting Quarterback, Tony Romo took off to run and gain a few yards. Romo was hit from behind as he was sliding to go down. After suffering the hit to his back, he immediately arched in pain while laying on the turf. This was a sight that seemed all too recent and familiar for the Cowboys’ coaches and fans.

Romo was able to walk off under his own power and actually wanted to come back in the game. Wisely, the Dallas coaching staff held him out for the remainder of the game. Romo will likely sit the final preseason game in preparation for the season opener on September 11th against the New York Giants.

With another back injury occurring on Romo’s behalf, Dak Prescott will need to be ready to step in at any time. Given Romo’s latest history with injuries, it does provide a major concern about his health for this season and beyond. As of right now it looks like if anything serious were to happen to Romo, Prescott would be the guy.

Dak Prescott has shown that he can handle himself at the next level and that he can make the necessary plays to succeed. He has looked very comfortable and collected thus far in the preseason. I don’t know when his time will come to start for the Dallas Cowboys. What I do know, is that Prescott should be prepared to play if his number is called upon.