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Coyotes Announce New Arena Plan

Rich Nairn/via Arizona Coyotes Media Relations


The Arizona Coyotes announced a plan for a new arena in Tempe in a news release today. Their plan includes a partnership with Arizona State University.

The plan isn’t just for a new arena for the franchise, who hasn’t been able to find a stable home since their bankruptcy in 2009. The plan involves a complex that has an athletic facility next door to the proposed home of the Coyotes, one that will be used by Arizona State, mainly for their hockey teams

According to the press release, the arena that will be home to the Coyotes will have roughly 16,000 seats and a 4,000 seat “mulit-sport arena” to go along with it. The arena will be used for Arizona State University hockey games and practices, Coyotes practices, and other events.

The area that this proposed arena will be built is at Rio Salado Parkway and McClintock Drive, which is a mile and a half from the ASU’s current home for their NCAA Division I hockey program, Oceanside Ice Arena, and a mile from the Arizona State University main campus.

According to the press release, the developer for the proposed plan is Catellus Development Corporation, who is the master developer for the Arizona State University Athletic Facilities District. Along with the arena, “a new hotel and other related amenities” will be added around the area in the future.

“We are thrilled with Catellus on this tremendous project that will include our future home in the East Valley,” said Coyotes Majority Owner, Chairman and Governor Andrew Barroway in the press release. “The Coyotes are committed to Arizona, and we are extremely excited about our bright furure”

According to the press release, the plan has a deadline of June 30, 2017 to have the budget, design, and operational plan. If the plan is to go through, it will mark the second time since 2003 that the Coyotes will get a new arena.