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Cristiano Ronaldo Signs Massive New Deal With Nike

Photo credit to Real Madrid via Twitter

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Cristiano Ronaldo signs a massive new deal with Nike days before announcing a contract extension with Real Madrid

Madrid, Spain – A few days after Real Madrid announced the extension of the Portuguese mega-start with the club, Cristiano Ronaldo and Nike announced he had signed a lifetime contract with the sporting brand.

“I have a great relationship with this brand, I have great friends here in the company,” says Ronaldo. “We work as a family too,” he adds. “This is my brand.”

Cristiano will receive 23.6 million euros net per season at his club, so if he were to meet all contract sub-linings until 2021 he would have earned 118 million euros tax-free. His last contract extension with Nike was worth $13 million. However, his new lifetime deal could be worth more than $1 billion, similar to LeBron James’ recent lifetime deal with Nike.

Other Ronaldo endorsement partners include Tag Heuer, Herbalife , Pokerstars, Clear Shampoo and more. He has his own line of suits, cologne, shirts, shoes, underwear and hotels under construction.

It certainly pays to be the most popular athlete in the world.