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Cuban Missile Abreu is No Longer in Crisis

abreu Rogali via Flickr


Abreu Sees Son, Sparks Resurgence 

“That ball hit deep! Way back! All he can do is just look up, you can…put it on the board! Yes! Yes! A bomb off the bat of Jose Abreu ! Mercy!”

After Cuban superstar Jose Abreu took the MLB by storm in 2014, winning rookie of the year, taking home a silver slugger trophy, clamming an All-star spot and finishing fourth in the MVP race, he seemed to have cooled off in 2015.

Although putting up fantastic numbers, Abreu had six less dingers, six less RBI and posted a WAR of 3.8, compared to 2014’s 5.5.

In other words, he was well worth the seven million he was paid.

Then the calendar flipped to 2016. But it would not get better.

The 29-year-old first-baseman started off cold. Cold like the dead of winter in Chicago with the wind chill factor moving in from Lake Michigan on a negative four-degree day cold. (Got chills just thinking about that brutal Chicago winter)

In the first half of the season, he hit 11 home runs and recorded a .326 on-base percentage. By any means, a .272 batting average and slugging .430 is not a bad stat-line. But it is for Jose Abreu.

After the All-Star break, Jose kicked it up a bit, but still was not showing any signs of where the 2014 Jose Abreu went.

Then the White Sox at Marlins series came around.

The White Sox traveled to see the new Marlins Park for the first time. Along with them, Dariel Abreu saw his dad play major league baseball in person for the first time.

Seeing his son for the first time since the off season, when he traveled back to Cuba, sparked something special in Jose.

Since the Marlins series, Aug. 12 through 14, Abreu has hit nine home runs (shattering what he was on pace for at the break), drove in 27 runs and hit a phenomenal .376 average.

Although the spitting image of his dad returned back to Cuba, Abreu is still streaking; once going on a 10 game hit streak (Aug. 17-27).

Who can forget his 3-7 game Sept. 4. Two home runs with seven runs batted in for a 12 inning 13-11 Sox win over the Twins. Hell of a game.

Currently, he has brought his stat line up to a phenomenal .299/.351/.481 with 23 home runs and 90 runs batted in.

If Abreu drives in 10 more runs, he and Albert Pujols will the be the only two players to hit 100 RBI in their first three seasons.

Although the 68-74 White Sox are unlikely to make the playoffs, Abreu and company are not going down without a fight.

El Hombre is back at doing what he does best; hitting the crap out of the ball.