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Cubs Clinch Central Division

Cubs Clinch Rod Frankum/ via Flickr


Cubs Clinch Central Division Champs

For the first time since 2008 the Chicago Cubs can call themselves Central Division Champs.  On Thursday night the Cubs were looking to clinch the Division on their home turf as they faced off against the Milwaukee Brewers.  Unfortunately that wasn’t meant to be as the Brewers went on to defeat the Cubs by a score of 5-4.  However, there was another way that Cubs fans could begin to celebrate that was almost as sweet.  They would need the St. Louis Cardinals to lose to the SF Giants on Thursday night instead.  Luckily the Cubs got their wish and the Giants defeated the Cards to give the Cubs the division title and postpone the celebration until Friday.

The Chicago Cubs became the first team in baseball to lock down their spot in the playoffs this season.  Unlike last season, where the Cubs spent most of the second half chasing the St Louis Cardinals, the Cubs now find themselves one more step closer to the ultimate goal of a World Series title.  With two weeks remaining in the season, this allows the Cubs to get players the rest they need to make a playoff run and set up their rotation the way they want for the NLDS.  The Cubs were picked by many experts at the beginning of the season to win it all this year and as of Thursday night they can check step one-off the list.


“As a team, it was our first goal, but the focus of this group has been far beyond that,” Cy Young candidate Kyle Hendricks said. “We know where we have to go, so it’s a small stepping stone.”


Without a doubt this is just one step in what the Cubs have set out to accomplish. Next steps are the NLDS, NLCS and of course the World Series. Before the season even began Cubs Manager Joe Maddon gave the Cubs players a little advice: “Embrace the Target”.  He wanted them to understand that everyone was picking them to win and instead of having fear of failure they must embrace the target on their backs.  That is exactly what this team of Cubs players did too.  They may have won a division title, but that is no surprise to anyone.  Now with two weeks to go the spotlight will shift to the rest of the league as playoff spots begin to fill up.  If only Harry Caray was alive to see this group of players.  Now the Cubs players and the fans hope that Harry was right.


“As sure as God made green apples, someday the Cubs are going to be in a World Series.”

                                                                                                                               Harry Caray (1991)