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Cursed No More: Chicago Cubs Claim Title

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Cursed No More

As I sat down to write this article I have struggled with what it is I am supposed to say.  I mean I can tell all of you that the Chicago Cubs won the World Series, that they ended a 108 year draught, that the curse of Murphy the Billy Goat is dead.  I can give you statistics of everything that this team was able to accomplish, but somehow I know no matter what I say it won’t do justice to what this really means.

You see I have been a Cubs fan my entire life.  I was raised a Cubs fan rooting for Ryne Sandberg, Andre Dawson, Rick Sutcliffe and so many other Cubs greats. I witnessed the heartbreak of 1984, I remember the day Harry Caray died, I watched Kerry Wood strike out 20 batters in one game, I watched as the Cubs collapsed in 2003 in what is known as the Bartman game, I saw the Cubs win back to back titles in 2007 and 2008 only to have no playoff success.  As a die-hard Cubs fan I have just about witnessed everything this team has done in the last 35 years except for one thing I never thought I would witness and that is a Cubs World Series Championship.

As Cubs fans we always say we believe in our beloved Cubbies, but deep down inside we all have developed a hint of doubt that just lingers there every time we think it is going to happen.  So as I sit here to explain to you about the Cubs finally winning a World Series I struggle with the words that do it justice.  I struggle to convey to the average fan exactly what it is that I am feeling now.  One thing I will say is for sure about the Cubs though, they sure have a flare for the dramatic.

Game 7 didn’t disappoint when it came to excitement.  Dexter Fowler got things off to a quick start for the Cubs.  With Indians Ace Corey Kluber making his third start of the World Series on short rest, Fowler sent a ball flying to centerfield that cleared the wall just out of the reach of Rajai Davis as he leapt at the wall and watched the ball clear for the first run of the game.

Cubs starter Kyle Hendricks would hold the Indians scoreless until the 3rd inning when Carlos Santana singled to right field which scored Coco Crisp to even the game up at 1-1 after three.

The Cubs Addison Russell would help the Cubs regain the lead in the top of the 4th inning on a sacrifice fly that scored Kris BryantBen Zobrist advanced to 2nd on the throw home.  Rookie catcher Wilson Contreras doubled on a fly ball off the centerfield wall that plated Ben Zobrist pushing the Cubs lead to 3-1.

Javier Baez, who had struggled somewhat defensively early in the game, got some redemption in the top of the 5th.  Baez hit a solo home run to right centerfield making the score 4-1 Cubs.  Anthony Rizzo followed in the 5th inning with a single to score Kris Bryant, the Cubs would head into the bottom of the 5th with a 5-1 lead.

One thing about this Indians team though, they never seem to stop clawing their way back.

After Joe Maddon made what many thought to be a questionable decision, removed Hendricks and brought in Jon Lester. The Indians managed to scratch out a couple more runs.  With Francisco Lindor batting, Lester threw a wild pitch that allowed Carlos Santana to score. On the wild pitch the ball would carom off the mask of David Ross and roll towards the visiting dugout.  Jason Kipnis would hustle around and score before the Cubs could make a play for the out.

David Ross who was playing in the last game of his major League career answered back for his battery mate.  With Indians relief specialist Andrew Miller pitching, Ross homered to centerfield and gave the Cubs back one of the runs they had lost, making the score 6-3.

So here we were, the stage was set and every Cubs fan started counting the outs.  In the 8th Inning Joe Maddon would hand the ball over to his closer Aroldis Chapman and ask him to record the last 5 outs of the game.  Chapman who had pitched in games 5 and 6 was also a questionable call by Maddon.  However, Chapman looked like he had his decent stuff at first.  That was before it all began to unravel for Chapman and the Cubs.  Brandon Guyer drove in Jose Ramirez making the score 6-4.  And then the doubts began to set in and we started thinking about how many outs were left in the game.   In stepped Rajai Davis to face Chapman.  Davis managed to catch a Chapman fastball and send it flying over the left field wall for a two run shot to tie the game at 6-6.

Now for the average fan of course you love the fact that this game would not end in the 9th inning, but for Cubs fans it was excruciatingly unfair to put us through any more high blood pressure situations.  You could feel the air being drawn from the life of the Cubs players.

That’s when the good Lord intervened for just a moment in the game and sent a rain shower on the City of Cleveland.  Now I try not to be superstitious, but in this case I want to make an exception.  The Umpires would decide to put the game into a rain delay and wait for the storm to pass.  I am not sure if all Cubs fans feel the same as I do, but that rain shower might have been all the Cubs needed to wash away 108 years of suffering.  It might have cleansed the nervousness that Cubs players must have felt.  Or maybe God doesn’t really care (I like to think he is a Cubs Fan though) who would win this game.  I do know one person that took it upon themselves to rally the troops.  As the Cubs players exited the field to wait out the brief rain delay, Jason Heyward gathered the team for a players only meeting.  He told the team that it was time to bear down and grind out this win.

The Cubs batters would respond well to Heyward’s rally cry. In the Top of the 10th inning Ben Zobrist doubled in Albert Almora who was pinch running for Kyle Schwarber who had singled earlier in the inning.  The Indians decided to intentionally walk Rizzo and Ben Zobrist would reach base also.  Pinch hitter Miguel Montero singled to left field to score Anthony Rizzo and extend the Cubs lead to 8-6 heading into the bottom of the 10th inning.

The Indians would once again get our heart rates up when Rajai Davis singled in Brandon Guyer for an 8-7 ball game.  The Cubs finished the game out on a ground ball to Kris Bryant who fired to first to record the final out of the 2016 World Series.

Cubs players celebrated on the mound of Progressive Park and have finally delivered a World Series title back to Chicago.

After the game Cubs players were asked to comment on what this means to Chicago and their fans.


“Historical,” Cubs manager Joe Maddon said. “This carries more significance in the city of Chicago, the fan base, just history. Obviously, the last time it was won was over a century ago.

“But for me, the significance is that this team, this group, wins a World Series.

“And that the people that are here to enjoy it prosper in it right now.”


“It’s the Holy Grail of sports championships, right?’’ David Ross said. “I’m a part of something special here.’’

 “They will make a movie about this.’’

Well actually David they already have except this time it can be a true story for Cubs Nation.


When you haven’t been to a World Series since 1945 and haven’t won one since 1908 you get to see a lot of firsts in a World Series.  After the game Ben Zobrist was named World Series MVP making him the first Cub to ever win the award.  Zobrist was 10-for-28 with two doubles, a triple, two RBIs and five runs scored. His 10 hits were most on the team.


So there you go I gave you a rundown of how game 7 all went down, but I still don’t think there are any words to describe what it feels like to finally see a Cubs team win it all.  After years of hoping, praying, suffering and heartache, the Chicago Cubs are finally World Series champs and are officially cursed no more.  Now the only thing left to think about now is where do we go from here?  Easy answer for me…I WANT MORE!!!!

I know it didn’t take long for me to get greedy, but man oh man this feeling sure feels good.

Congratulations to the Chicago Cubs-2016 World Series Champions

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