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Dallas Cowboys Parts Ways With Tony Romo


The Dallas Cowboys part ways with Tony Romo

Jerry Jones and company made it official today, as quarterback Tony Romo has officially retired, according to multiple sources.

This is a move that does not come as a surprise. As the Cowboys made no secret of their desire to move  on from their former franchise quarterback.

On the business side Dallas opted to make Romo a post-June 1 cut, that saves the team a cap hit of $19.6 million for the 2017 season. Instead Romo will be owed $10.7 million in 2017, and $8.9 million in 2018. Retire while ahead as they say.

For Tony, as of now moving on will include a career in the broadcast booth working with CBS as the new lead NFL game analyst.

How we got here

As nostalgic as I am about things in life, I typically find it easier to deal with news that I was expecting. Tony Romo is statistically the best quarterback to ever play for the Dallas Cowboys. Over the past 10-12 years statistically, Romo has to be considered one of the top-10 quarterbacks , in my opinion

When healthy conference titles and playoff births were always expected, when healthy! The fact remains football is a violent sport people; disclaimer.

A back surgery in 2013, broken ribs in 2014, a fractured clavicle in 2015, and a broken bone in the back in 2016 for the grand finale, simply it’s time man.  The Dallas Cowboys invested top drive picks in the span of the past seven years to insure the health of Romo.

By drafting studs on the offensive line such as Tyron Smith and Travis Frederick. However, with what most consider as the best offensive line in football, Romo could not stay healthy.

Add on top of that, the emergence of the Dak Prescott.

We all know how that went. I do not think the Cowboys intended to draft a Romo replacement when the called the name of Mississippi State Bulldog. The success of the “Dak attack” made the decision to cut Romo basically a no-brainer.


Tony Romo never won a Super Bowl, and never appeared in a conference championship. His contribution to the Dallas Cowboys should not be disregarded, or slept on. Many associate Romo with heart breaking blunders.

Most infamously in 2006 when Romo, who was the place holder on a game winning field goal point attempt in Seattle, botched the snap, in what is referred to as the botch heard “round the world.”

Or the lazy analysis of Romo being a “mistake waiting to happen.” Every late game interception or any interception thrown by the guy was what every anti-Romo fan used for the past 10 years to discredit how good he is.

That narrative is a I said lazy, and simply not true.

Romo was not the perfect quarterback in any sense. I among many fans of the game went through ups and downs while watching and supporting Tony. And I fully understand the pressure and expectations of being quarterback of “Americas Team.”


He did not deliver a ring, he did not win a conference championship. What he did do was leave every inch of himself on the field on Sunday’s. When Romo broke his collarbone after being pressured by Giants weak-side linebacker Michael Boley. The very first thing Romo said before being helped off the field and despite thriving in pain, was if they had gotten the first down. That people is Tony Romo, the gamer, the competitor, the quarterback

Tony Romo will walk away from the game as I before mentioned, one of the best quarterbacks to ever play statistically. He played in four pro-bowls, and is the current career passing leader for the Cowboys, no not Aikmen

Tony Romo has left his mark on the Dallas Cowboys and the NFL. From a unknown, un-drafted prospect out of Eastern Illinois. To a franchise passing leader, and 4-time pro-bowler. Well done Tony, Well done.

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