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Dallas Cowboys Violate Club Remittance Policy

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When it rains it pours. Last week, the Dallas Cowboys learned that they would be subject to a $250,000 fine, according to the NFL’s club remittance policy. The league mandates that any team, with three suspended players, must pay a $250,000 fine.

Defensive ends Demarcus Lawrence, Randy Gregory, and linebacker Rolando McClain, all face at least a ban of four games. Lawrence is suspended for the first four games. Although suspended players can participate in preseason games and training camp, Randy Gregory has been absent from activities.

Gregory has reportedly checked into a rehab facility. The team does not expect him in camp. There’s an internal concern that Randy Gregory may not play again. Already facing a four-game suspension, reports have surfaced that Gregory‘s ban has escalated to 10 games. He either missed a drug test, or failed one.

Randy Gregory had numerous character issues coming out of Nebraska. At last year’s combine, he failed a drug test for marijuana. That entered him in phase one of the league’s substance abuse policy. Dallas has discussed bringing in veteran defensive end Dwight Freeney as a potential replacement.

It was originally thought that McClain‘s previous violation was due to marijuana use. However, opiates, not marijuana, is the cause of his most recent failed test. Rolando McClain tested positive for a substance known as “lean”. The codeine based substance, is deeply rooted within hip-hop culture. McClain apparently has developed an addition to the drug. He’s gained 40 pounds as a result.

Jerry Jones has a history of dealing with troubled players. In 2015, it was the acquisition of Greg Hardy.

Hardy was found guilty on two counts of domestic violence in June 2014. Jones flirted with drafting Johnny Manziel in 2014.

In the 90’s, Nate Newton and Leon Lett were two of the more troubling players on the team. Lett, missed a total of 28 games as a result of suspensions from substance abuse.

Dorthy Newton, the ex-wife of Nate, stated last November, in an interview with Sports Illustrated, that the organization knew of the domestic abuse, and enabled the former Cowboy.

“It was something that happened quite often,” Dorothy stated. “I just became the result of his way of releasing anger and frustration and a lot of things he was dealing with.”

As they say, the definition of insanity, is doing the same thing over and over, and expecting a different result each time. The suspensions of Demarcus Lawrence, Randy Gregory, and Rolando McClain should come to the surprise of no one. Not even to Jerry Jones himself.